{ Signal Hill politician is targeted by Prop. 8 foes }

It appears that “The Day Without a Gay” drama is just heating up. Opponents of Proposition 8 are planning to rally in front of Signal Hill City Hall on Wednesday in and effort to,

rally in support of a possible recall petition of city Treasurer Emerson Fersch. The rally is part of the national “Day Without A Gay” action, in which gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are asked to take off work in opposition to Proposition 8.

Fersch, who is an elected official and is a bishop in the Mormon church, gave $3,285 in support of Proposition 8. That hasn’t gone over well with Long Beach’s or Signal Hill’s gay and lesbian communities.

I am so appalled by this article and the notion that one’s religious beliefs have to be separate from any job they may perform, in public service or otherwise. One might be correct in thinking that this man’s integrity, honesty and moral character is perhaps what the public was drawn to when electing him in the first place, and now, just because gays don’t happen to agree with his position on Prop. 8, is no reason to have him recalled.

In the political process of electing Mr. Fersch, I assume that majority also ruled in his favor, as it did with the passage of Proposition 8. If gay people didn’t want to vote for him, then they didn’t have to. But just because one small group now wants him recalled, doesn’t mean that the majority of voters so also.  I love the “majority rules” rule!! Well, when it coincides with my beliefs anyway 🙂

“I think the general consensus in our community is if he was a private citizen, that would be one thing, but public officials should be held to a higher standard,” said Brian Frederick, a Garden Grove resident who works in Long Beach and is organizing the Signal Hill rally.

He is a private citizen, he has a vote and an opinion and beliefs just like everyone else. So what gay people are saying is that they want to be in charge of all political offices and run the entire country and that no one who disagrees with them should hold any public office. Well, fortunately for us sane citizens, it doesn’t work like that! That would be communism, or socialism, or something, but definitely not America!

The rally will start at 1 p.m. at City Hall, 2175 Cherry Ave. It is unclear whether there actually is a recall petition against Fersch. Frederick said he thought a recall effort is still in the works, but that he didn’t know who was organizing it.

Here’s the 411 on the gay day recall threat:

Signal Hill Deputy City Clerk Becky Burleson said no one has filed a notice of intent to recall Fersch. Once the city and Fersch are informed of a recall petition, petitioners would have to collect signatures from 25 percent of Signal Hill’s registered voters, or about 1,300 people, Burleson said.

Reached by phone Monday, Fersch said he isn’t concerned about the recall effort, but he wouldn’t comment further.

Fersch’s support of Proposition 8 was especially notable in Signal Hill, where three of the five council members are openly gay or lesbian.

All three – Mayor Michael Knoll, Vice Mayor Ellen Ward and Councilman Larry Forester – said Monday that Fersch had a right to support Proposition 8 so long as no city resources were used. All three also said they had given money to the campaign against Proposition 8.

So, just to clarify here. . .public servants can donate money to No on Prop. 8 and avoid harassment from the gay community, but they can’t donate any money for the YES on 8 campaign with out gay backlash? Unbelievable. . .These people seem to be skipping right over the rational thought process. So, again, if you side with gays you’re fine, if not, then you should loose your job and be publicly humiliated…how very un-American and un-democratic of this give-me-all-of-your-sympathy-because-I’m-lacking-in-civil-rights group.  So these gay people are saying that they don’t believe in free-thinking, free-speech, supporting causes you believe in,  or voting in line with your values. There you have it ladies and gentlemen. They do believe in those things, just not for anyone who disagrees with the gay-corrupt-America-agenda they have going.

Some of Fersch’s council members offered their support:

“What he did in his personal views and life is his business,” Knoll said.

Ward said she understands Fersch’s position, though she disagrees with it.

“He’s talked to me about it, and I know that he doesn’t have a problem with (gay) rights,” Ward said. “He has a problem with (gay) marriage.”

She and Knoll said they doubted a recall effort would be effective.

“I think voters in our community won’t recall him because of his political opinion,” Ward said.

Some of his fellow council members, unfortunately did not:

“My frustration is that he has not approached us on the basis of what we’re doing (in support of gay rights) at City Council,” Forester said.

Forester said he would have liked to talk to Fersch about Proposition 8 issues.

“He has the right to have that position,” Forester said. But “I consider the position that was taken on Yes on 8 bigoted.”

Couldn’t Yes on 8 supporters take the same “bigoted” position as the No supporters, saying that their position is bigoted against traditional marriage and individuals who support it? I can’t even get my head around how one-sided the gay-rights activists’ arguments are.

Here is a link to Signal Hill’s website. Use the contact link at the top of the page to send an email of support to Mr. Fersch, or email the finance dept. here finance@cityofsignalhill.org

Source: Long Beach, CA Press Telegram, “Politician is targeted by Prop. 8 foes”

7 thoughts on “{ Signal Hill politician is targeted by Prop. 8 foes }

  1. This is my favorite quote:

    “I think the general consensus in our community is if he was a private citizen, that would be one thing, but public officials should be held to a higher standard.”

    What higher standard exactly is he talking about? Is it not donating money to a political cause? It couldn’t be that, because three other council members donated to the other side and weren’t censured. Is it not voting his beliefs just because he happens to be religious? Should he have been a hypocrite and voted directly against what he believes just because he’s an elected official? Maybe they feel he should have voted the same way as the majority of his county. Ooops, he did. LA county voted “Yes” on Prop. 8.

    Please help me to understand. I’m confused.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It seems the gay-rights activists think that they are the only ones who are entitled to any sort of rights, respect or courtesy. And they obviously think they are the only ones who are allowed to voice their opinion….

  3. All I have to say is, “Wah!” I think you’ll find that we’re following the law. I could give a rat’s *** if he’s religious. It’s when he uses his religion to trounce upon the rights of fellow adults I have a problem. His life is no different after the vote.

  4. I don’t think he is using his religion to, as you claimed, “trounce upon the rights of fellow adults.” The article I cited in my post reported of private conversations among colleges. I have not seen reports citing any examples of inappropriate behavior. Gay rights activists are just unfairly targeting him solely because of his position as city treasurer and the simple fact that he doesn’t agree with them. No one ever said you weren’t following the law. It’s just a ridiculous way to go through life, harassing people for their beliefs. He didn’t make a huge deal out of it publicly, nor did he abuse his position as treasurer, however, apparently someone just stalked out his name and donation on the contribution list, and is now encouraging gays to rally for a recall.

  5. The totalitarian impulse of SSMers is revealed over and over again. The anti-8 side keeps demonstrating that the Yes campaign was right.

  6. I love that the YES campaign was right, of course we were, and still are. I also love that the NO camp keeps proving us right. Thanks for the comment. Not to gloat, but we knew it all along. I can’t believe the anti-8-ers can’t see how much they are proving us right.

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