{ Feminism….another sneaky agenda to destroy marriages, families, and women! And sadly, it’s working…. }

I stumbled upon this article today from masculinisme.com entitled “American Women,” via the opineeditorials.com blog. Masculinisme talked about women in America today and what many women have done and lost, and stooped to, because of their so called loyalty to feminism. In my opinion, feminist behaviors and ideals have become too common-place in today’s American society that I don’t even think women and young girls realize that the Feminist Movement and their indoctrination tactics are actually responsible for the negative behaviors women have assimilated in to their speech, ideas, actions, values and treatment of men and their children. Read on to be enlightened if you don’t know what I mean.

Masculinisme’s article makes some interesting points about American women:

A female friend of mine recently tried to join a local political group that seeks to be mentors to teenage girls. However, this friend of mine lacks the advanced professional credentials that this group wants. My friend works in an office during the day and works in a restaurant at night – perfectly reasonable jobs and both worthy of respect.

However, the group of women she wanted to become involved with – spearheaded by a local female TV news reporter – made it clear that the group of women mentoring young girls would be made up of CEOs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. Are these the only role models for girls? Should there not be a whole bevy of options for American girls? How about a happy, stay-at-home mom or a contented wife in a child free relationship as role models? Apparently these options are not viable for young American girls, if this group of modern feminists is to be believed.

$650...cost of day care for one month, while a Mother climbs the corporate ladder...

$650...cost of day care for one month, while a Mother climbs the corporate ladder...

I would take my Mother and my Grandmother as role models for my daughter over a feminist CEO any day. Masculinisme continues by pointing out that:

The sad stereotype of the shrill, unfriendly, independent American career woman is becoming stronger and stronger. The equally repellent stereotype of the overwrought and unfriendly soccer mom shuttling her kids around while trying to keep her independence is also becoming part of our cultural landscape. The scowling American woman is all too common. It’s not men making her scowl. It’s her inability to see reality and choose appropriately that is making her scowl.I am not angry with American women. I merely pity them. I pity them for embracing feminism without any critical thought. I pity them for making men the enemy and not loving partners. I pity them for their unsuccessful struggle with their own rules. I pity them for not understanding that life is about compromise and that compromise is not weakness.

The Opine Editorials didn’t really seem to like this article, but I have to respectfully disagree with them…

I didn’t appreciate the way the author lumped all American women together and at the end said how he happily courts his Latin girlfriend, (because not all American women are insensitive feminists, not Dr. Laura listeners anyway 😉 but the author does make some great, irrefutable points about the values, behaviors and rationale of feminist and, I-didn’t-even-realize-I-was-a-feminist-even-though-I-act-like-one, women. It’s very sad, really. As I was reading, I was grateful not to be one of them. I love being a wife to my husband. Get Dr. Laura’s books and start reading ladies!!!!! It’s time to reassess our priorities, our values, and our divine roles as women!

In the aftermath of Proposition 8 and the fight to preserve traditional marriage, I feel it’s important to also pay attention to the issues, not just specifically homosexual, but also all of the other agendas that are destructive to traditional marriage and families, and to the present and future success of these important but seemingly disregarded institutions. The feminist and gay-rights activist camps seem to have a controlling interest when it comes to the business of destroying marriages and families. The feminist desires to shove marriage and child-rearing off the map, to emasculate their men and forge ahead as super-

$275...medical bill for stitches needed after a Mother crashes into the glass ceiling...

$275...medical bill for stitches needed after a Mother crashes into the glass ceiling...

career women towards some alleged glass ceiling, has all been to the detriment of the traditional marriage and family units in this country, not to mention a detriment to women themselves. Then we have the gay-rights agenda which seeks to completely eliminate all semblance of traditional marriage, family and  morality in its entirety. I know, I’ll probably get nasty comments and tons of flack for my “alleged” glass ceiling remark, but seriously ladies….think about it!  Equal pay for equal work has made huge strides over the last several decades and I do think that is a good thing, (I know because that was my research topic for one of the legal/political science classes I took in college. Not to gloat, but I received an A on that paper. Showing up for class every once in a while and doing excellent research definitely paid off that time 😉 But back to the subject …..

I don’t feel restricted by men or their super-power careers. I’m not jealous that my husband is the one who provides for our family, travels 3 weeks a month and works way more then I wish he did. I love and admire him for that, and for taking good care of me, his kids and our family, and I try to do the same for him, although it’s not in a monetary way. Is my contribution to our marriage and our family less valuable because I work at home? Cooking, cleaning, coordinating schedules, making phone calls, paying the bills, making doctor’s appointments, planning sexy getaways for my hubby and me, throwing dinner parties, getting manicures and facials and yes, some shopping…does that mean that I got the shaft in this relationship? Definitely not! That is because men and women have different gender roles to play and each make unique and pointed contributions to a marriage relationship and raising children. Those differences should be appreciated, celebrated and enjoyed! Feminists and the feminist agenda have always been aimed at destroying a woman’s role to care for her husband and mother her children. Can America honestly say we are better because of the feminist movement? (Discussion of the effects of all of this ‘feminism’ to follow in a later post). There are support groups, blogs, magazines, websites, all dedicated to helping super-Mom-working-mothers achieve maximum efficiency despite the high probability to their marriages and their children. How many support groups are there for couples who are trying to live within their means so they only need one income, so mothers can stay at home and raise their children and support their husbands in all that that entails?

I’m not trying to discredit hard-working two income families, or single parents. I can’t judge anyone’s situation, but just consider for a minute, how much society has changed with the shift towards feminism, consumerism, glass ceilings and homosexuality. Are these good things? Is society better? Definitely not. The emphasis is no longer placed on successful marriages and happy children, and especially not on respective gender roles. From my point of view, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a wife and mother, caretaker, homemaker, and educated all at the same time, and there is nothing wrong with a man protecting and providing for his family. It’s all about priorities. My super-cute husband loves Victorian Era and British culture movies. I watch them too, and there is something so formal and classy about the way things used to be. Not a fan of the corsets, but love the intellectual conversation and emphasis that was placed on manners and respect, and their parties looked cool too. People should dance more I think. Women used to marry for money, or marry which ever man would give the most money to their family, or marry the man who would be the best provider for her and her future children. In Mormon culture, a fave movie is “Johnny Lingo,” about this guy who wants to pay 8 cows for his wife.  As my little sister’s boyfriend (we hope soon-to-be-fiance) informed us over Thanksgiving, she is a 10-cow wife!!! It was all in fun, but seriously, society hasn’t always been the craziness that it is today. This country went way off track after the end of the ‘Leave It to Beaver’ era when the feminists took over! We have them to thank for working mothers, day care, the sexual revolution, and emasculation of men.

For feminists, the sexual revolution was about female sexual empowerment. For social conservatives, the sexual revolution was an invitation for promiscuity and an attack on the very foundation of American society — the family. Feminists and social conservatives quickly clashed over morality of the “sexual revolution,”

What a contribution huh? Think about it… Think absentee parents, latch-key kids, working mothers, after-school programs, day-care, violence, sexual promiscuity at younger ages, unwed mothers, teen pregnancy, abortion, absentee fathers, drugs, a rise in depression and anxiety, disrespectful kids, behavior problems in school. . .the list could go on and on. We also have a list for the homosexual agenda too as it has finally become more publicized in recent months due to the battle over Proposition 8.

Dr. Laura Weighs in again (love her!). This one’s for the ladies:

Wearing these babies out on a date with my husband...Priceless! You can't climb the corporate ladder in these shoes! They're better for dates!

Wearing these babies out on a date with my husband...Priceless! You can't climb the corporate ladder in these shoes. They're better for dates!

Women who dared to buck the feminista trend and actually marry and make babies, kept close to the sisterhood by not being very sexual, loving, or sensitive to their husbands – or just kept them as shack-up studs – and put their babies in day-care.  They did all of that so they could work at their careers full-time and have financial power.  The thinking was, what if “he” took off with some bimbo or died on them?  Money is power and safety!  They also did all of that so they could feel like “somebody.”  I still have women tell me today that they only allow themselves to feel good when they have a successful career; the loving appreciation of a husband and children are swept aside like so much emotional dandruff.

These white, middle-aged, female baby-boomers starved themselves of the fulfilling emotional meal of actually being a hands-on mom in addition to being their husband’s girlfriend.  Many of them are now divorced, and their adult children hardly spend time any time with them.  The kids learned how to spend time without Mom because she was so “busy, busy, busy” while they were growing up.

I’m not surprised that so many of these women are depressed and suicidal.  Feministas lied to them that they could and would “have it all:” they only had to sacrifice the loveliest parts of their womanhood.

For the self-proclaimed feminists who maybe aren’t so happy in their current state, let me share some advise from “Mother Laura,” as she calls herself on the radio sometimes:

I believe there should be one entire four-credit course on “How to Regain Respect from Men.”   This course should include:

* No “friends with benefits” or Saturday night “hook-ups” where men come to see women simply as sex objects.
* No more using abortion as birth control, believing that the freedom to eliminate life from one’s body elevates one’s soul, spirit, self-esteem or value.
* No more “shacking up” and/or having babies out-of-wedlock to prove your lack of need for a man, while denying a child’s need for a father-child relationship.
* No more working yourself into a complete frazzle by working full-time while you’re putting being a Mommy and a wife on the back-burner, and wondering why you’re stressed and unhappy.
* No more buying the lie that hired help and day care are equivalent or superior to your loving touch, voice, input, and very presence.
* No more being hostile to or dismissive of whatever your husband wants or needs because that is the very definition of “oppression.”


“American Women,” masculinisme.blog-city.com
The Opine Editorials.com
“People & Events: The Pill and the Sexual Revolution,” pbs.org

11 thoughts on “{ Feminism….another sneaky agenda to destroy marriages, families, and women! And sadly, it’s working…. }

  1. I agree men are not the enemy and neither are feminist. Too often we forgot all the GOOD things feminists fight for like ending violence against women and providing childcare for low income families who may nothave the privledge of being able to stay at home with children even if they want to. Generations of feminists have fought for many of the things modern women now take for granted like being able to vote,and attending post-secondary education. While you may not like some specific issues on some feminists’ agenda it is disrespectful to disregard ALL the efforts of feminists. I am a feminist, and I believe that feminism is about women having the power to choose how they live their lives. Feminism is about giving women choices. But who knows if you’ll even allow my comment to be seen, that’s your choice.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that feminists have fought hard for many good things for women. In my post I did mention Equal Pay, but I was specifically talking about the things which damage marriages and families.

  3. shamelessagitator,

    i totally agree with you also. the feminist movement has done very good things. but i think the movement has also contributed to a lot of confusion for women.

  4. journalista,

    i LOVE the shoes. very appropriate. and cute. i hope you went on a date with your cute husband this week!

  5. Hi, That was an amazing post. I agree with you 100% that there are many bad things it has brought, but because of the few good things, such as equal pay and the ability for women to get education, it confuses people deeply, including myself. I am a young woman and I worry if this confusion and the influence of society will have an effect on my marriage one day. Its so black and white because being a woman, if I say I’m not a feminist, as I’ve done in the past, I’ve gotten looks like I don’t support the right to vote, equal pay, and education. It becomes like a challenge thrown at you. My question to you is how do you have such a strong marriage in spite of it all?

    Also, my parents never had a relationship, they separated after I was born. I would love some advice. Thank you and Great Post!

  6. Hi Theodora! Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you that people are confused. If they don’t take time to dig around and get to the bottom of the issues and if they only listen to the liberal, feminist-slanted, biased media, then they will be left with out the whole story on so many things.

    I wouldn’t worry about your confusion about feminism having an affect on your marriage one day. The fact that you are even concerned about it means that you are going to be mindful of the issue and potential pitfalls that could come as a result of feminism’s intrusion on marriage and a couple’s happiness.

    It’s interesting how feminism/feminists will definitely take credit for equal pay, voting rights, and education, but they seem to completely disregard all of the harms that the movement has done to women, children, families and society. That’s great that they pushed for equal pay and education for women, but they don’t want to be bothered with the fall-out of all of these things, like the issues that arise when children are left in day care all day and when couples to have a hard time connecting because the wife and mother works, a power struggle develops within the marriage, etc. ..the list goes on and on.

    To answer your question, I have a strong marriage I think for several reasons, one being my religious background and the values I was raised with growing up. My Mom stayed home with us, my Dad supported her in this and supported our family financially, and although my Mom has a college education, she didn’t work until we were older. My LDS religion values families and marriage and my parents taught us what love and respect is in a marriage and what it is to respect the unique abilities and qualities of each gender; that men and women have specific talents, roles and contributions to make to a family, a marriage and raising kids.

    I am extremely blessed to have a husband who feels the same way. I definitely try to do as Dr. Laura says and make sure my husband knows he’s my hero, and that I need him to “slay dragons for me” as she says. Men just want to be loved and appreciated.

    I think it’s all in one’s mindset too. If both parties respect and appreciate the distinct masculine and feminine characteristics of their spouse, then there won’t be atug of war between the sexes. I don’t think of myself as an oppressed housewife. I love taking care of my husband, cooking for him, planning our dates, taking care of his kids (from his first marriage) decorating the house, I do all of our finances, manage our real estate investments, do real estate sales on the side, I’m starting two internet companies, and other stuff like that. I have a college education, and my husband (we) will be paying for law school should I get in next year 😉 and he fully supports me in that goal. We have only been married a year and a half, and should we have our own kids, I will be staying home to take care of them. That doesn’t mean checking-out of life, I will still do real estate and run my internet businesses, and shop with my sisters 🙂 but also be home so I can be there for my kids. If a situation should arise where I need to work outside the home, then we will adapt and adjust to fit the needs of our family. It’s not bad for women to work, I just think a couple needs to take serious stalk of their goals and priorities for their marriage and their family. My husband and I are equal partners and that shows in the quality of our marriage.

    I think you will find that most men want and need a woman who magnifies her feminine side and is willing to love and care for him, support him, and let him know he makes her feel safe. The feminist agenda would have women take leave of all things feminine, of everything that would make their marriage solid and unified. If you read Dr. Laura’s book, “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands,” and “The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage” you’ll get an idea of where I’m coming from. The feminists have a hay-day trashing her books, but the women who read them are better for it.

    I hope this answered your question. If not, feel free to email me. Thanks for reading my blog!

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