{ Measured Voices Provide Reason, Support Amidst Proposition 8 Reaction }

As most of you have probably already heard, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has received an enormous amount of backlash since the passage of Proposition 8, in the forms of harassment of Church leaders and members, vandalism to Church property, numerous protests held in front of LDS temples (most recently the Mesa, AZ Temple this past Friday night when they lit the Christmas displays and lights) and the list goes on and on…

Following the passing of Proposition 8 in California, the Church released statements urging civility and reaffirming its position on the issue. The Church also noted that two Roman Catholic bishops released statements decrying religious bigotry against Mormons. . . [The article goes on to say] All people of faith have cause for concern when others try to remove their legitimate voice from the public square.

My Aunt sent me a link to this article from the online Newsroom of the LDS Church, containing statements in support of the Church, by groups both for and against Proposition 8.

The Church today points to additional third-party voices that provide useful insights into the reaction following the vote. Some of these individuals supported Proposition 8, and some were against it.

I applaud the groups and individuals who have spoken out in defense of the Church and who have expressed their appreciation for all of our hard work and effort. I have heard stories of the friendships that have developed between people of different faiths, and the broadening of understanding that has taken place, because of efforts to pass Prop 8. This is an example.

Here are some of my favorite comments.

Anti-Defamation League Condemns Criminal Activity Targeting Religious Institutions That Supported Proposition 8

“Although we strongly opposed Proposition 8, its passage does not justify the defacement and destruction of property. We urge Californians to channel their frustration and disappointment in productive and responsible ways to work towards full equality for all Americans. To place anyone in fear of threat to their houses of worship or their personal security because they have expressed deeply held religious views is contrary to everything this nation represents. Our Constitution’s First Amendment protects freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion for all of us.”

Michael Barber, Professor of Theology, Scripture & Christian Thought at John Paul the Great Catholic University

“… we found it appalling that in the final days of the campaign, opponents of Proposition 8 ran an ad in which Mormon missionaries were presented as barging into a same-sex couple’s home, gleefully rummaging through their personal possessions and violating their rights. The ad attempted to ridicule people of the Mormon faith, even implying that it was wrong that they contributed money to the election. As a Catholic school, we stand beside our friends in the Mormon Church and of people of faith who work tirelessly to preserve the freedom of religion in America. We also strongly oppose any attempt to ridicule another person’s faith, even faiths with which we have strong historical and theological disagreements.”

Beliefnet.com — Rod Dreher: Stand By the Mormons

“Now is the time for traditional Christians — Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox — to come to the aid of our Mormon friends. They put themselves on the front line of the traditional marriage battle like no other church group. And now individual Mormons are paying a terrible price for standing up for something we all believe in. I don’t know how we can stand with them from afar, but at least we can thank them, and speak out when we see them being abused. We might also think again about how we view them. … I have deep disagreements with Mormon theology. But they are our friends and allies and fellow citizens, and they deserve our thanks and support.”

Click here to read the rest of the comments.


newsroom.lds.org: “Measured Voices Provide Reason, Support Amidst Proposition 8 Reaction”

eastvalleytribune.com: Gay Community Protests Near Temple Display”

2 thoughts on “{ Measured Voices Provide Reason, Support Amidst Proposition 8 Reaction }

  1. as far as the candle-lit vigil by the mesa temple…i say: the more the merrier (as in merry christmas). lights are a symbol of Christ. there can never be enough.

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