{ Thanksgiving Post From Pearl Diver… }

My new blogger friend Pearl-Diver wrote an amazing Thanksgiving post and I wanted to direct my readers to it. It’s definitely worth a read. She’s an amazing writer a really knows how to articulate things well. She makes some great points about the real condition of the fight over marriage in California. Let us know what you think about the gay rights campaign and how they are presenting the “issues.” Here’s a snippet of Pearl’s post. Click here to read the entire Thanksgiving Post.

The gay “rights” movement is steam-rolling forward powered by blood-lust and rage, leaving in its wake a carnage the likes of which this country has not seen since Blacks were sent to the back of the bus. While this new, millennial movement claims love and equal rights as its objectives; lying in its wake is the antithetical and conspicuous reality – the tattered remains of freedom of speech and religion.  At the end of the rigidly pointing homosexual fingers stand the Mormons, being sent to the back of the bus for equally unfair reasons as their beloved African American brothers – they voted.

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