{ Speak Up and Be Heard!!! }

Click HERE….. to send email to our California government officials. We need to let them know that we think it is NOT a good idea for them to overturn the prop 8 vote. It’s really easy, just put in your zip code and then it lists all of your elected officials, and then you can select to send them an email. The email is already written for you, you’ll see it as you continue. So it’s way easy and fast! It only took me not even a minute to send the emails. Make sure to use your correct contact info. It is extremely important that we let the people who are supposed to be representing us know how we feel. They don’t just represent themselves or gay people and we need to remind them of that. Make your voice heard. Send a link to this post to your friends and family so they can send email too!

2 thoughts on “{ Speak Up and Be Heard!!! }

  1. Thanks for the link! It’s nice when someone else does most of the work and all I have to do is “click to support.” :0)

  2. I got the link in an email from my sister, and just posted it up! I just don’t understand how these legislators can even think about ignoring the majority of the voting public.

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