{If You Want to Fight…If you Want to Get Involved…Join the DNA }

That is the Digital Networking Army to be exact. It was formerly the YES on 8 DNA, now we are writing, blogging, posting, commenting, rating and linking in support of traditional marriage, free speech, civil rights and protection of families. There is still work to be done and we need all the help we can get.

Click here for more information from the whatisprop8.com website, and click here to apply to the DNA google group.

I joined the DNA in October as an assignment from my Bishop at Church. One of the assignments was to create a blog to post YES on Prop 8 Info, so I created this blog. It has been great to stay informed and involved in the issue. I love being a part of the DNA, and it’s great to work with people who think it’s important to fight for traditional marriage. There is strength in numbers. We hope you’ll join us!!!! Contact me if you need more info. Thanks for reading!

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