{ Wow…I’m Speechless, but Sadly, Not Surprised }

‘Media Malpractice’: Documentary Reveals How Little Obama Voters Knew About Issues

It’s really easy to make the connection between the liberals who are against Proposition 8, and the Liberals who voted for Obama. They are some of the same people. So if they don’t know about issues related to the Presidential election, they likely and in some cases, obviously, don’t know much about the fundamentals of Proposition 8 either. I can’t help but think that if same-sex marriage proponents knew more about politics, history, the Constitution and the effects of same-sex marriage on children, families and societies that they would be more peaceful, kind and accepting of the voters and the Passage of Prop 8. But then again……I don’t think that a lot of the opposition cares to educate themselves on pertinent issues of politics, civil rights and the voting process. My “bandwagon theory” holds true. How many of the No protesters are just protesting for fun…to socialize..to feel like they are taking a stand? But how much do these people really know about the actual issues involved?

Watch the video and decide for yourself………….


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