{ Gay Rights Activists Infiltrate eHarmony.com }

Dr. Neil Clark Warren founded eHarmony in 1998, with the goal of helping people form long-lasting relationships.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren founded eHarmony in 1998, with the goal of helping people form long-lasting relationships.

What will gay rights activists think of next….who will they sue next….and what will they think is unfair next….? Yesterday it was eHarmony.com, a heterosexual dating website that uses top-notch technology to find matches for heterosexual singles. I know several people who have married people they met on this dating site.

The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General announced that online dating service eHarmony has agreed to create a new Web site — “Compatible Partners” — for gay and lesbian users. By March 31st, the website will provide services to people seeing same-sex partners.

“eHarmony — which was not found in violation of the law — also agreed to ensure that same-sex users will be matched using the same or equivalent technology used for its heterosexual clients. It will also post photographs of same-sex couples in its “Diversity” section of its Web site and in advertising materials.”

Why should eHarmony have to provide their dating services to gay people? If gay people want a dating site, then one of them should create one. Why harass and sue eHarmony to do it for them. I can’t understand the logic of the people who brought these suits. It’s like they want society to bend over backwards to make life perfect for them, to accept them and give them everything that heterosexual people have. I think they need to protest less and work more on building dating websites if that’s what they think they need. But I guess it’s just easier and more fun for them to make other companies look bad……

“Even though we believed that the complaint resulted from an unfair characterization of our business, we ultimately decided it was best to settle this case,” eHarmony legal counsel Theodore Olson said in a statement. “eHarmony looks forward to moving beyond this legal dispute, which has been a burden for the company, and continuing to advance its business model of serving individuals by helping them find successful, long-term relationships.”

“The lawsuit claimed that by solely offering to find a compatible match for men seeking women or women seeking men, the company was violating state law barring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.”

I don’t consider it discrimination if a company simply doesn’t offer services that people think they should. I can’t walk into my grocery store and ask for a facial, or a manicure. What so now I can sue because the grocery doesn’t offer all of the services that I think they should? Seriously….this is their logic? And the courts appear to be perpetuating this problem. I’m sorry, but everything does not revolve around fairness, equality and whether or not someone is being discriminated against. Should I sue a make-up company that only makes foundation for African American Women, because I’m white and they don’t provide a product suitable for me…..NO!!!!!! I should shop with a company who does provide the services and products that I need.

I’m also wondering where these people get all of this money to file law suit after law suit? Is there like an underground free legal service society only for gays…I could certainly use free legal service when dealing with my husband’s crazy ex-wife…but no, the thousands of dollars have to come out of our pocket. Life is too short and there are so many other positive things these people could be doing with their time and money….maybe start an internet dating company for one, and become the next dating site millionaire….

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4 thoughts on “{ Gay Rights Activists Infiltrate eHarmony.com }

  1. This is getting ridiculous! They already tried to hijack the civil rights movement to fit their sexual preference, & now they are forcing homosexuality on the world!

    The continued expansion of the homosexual agenda has increasingly become an attack on our First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Over the last several years, increasing proliferation of the idea that any statement that criticizes, disagrees with, or opposes homosexuality in any way, has been regarded socially, and increasingly politically, as discrimination and elevated to the status of a racial slur. It has become career suicide to call someone a homosexual, even if they are! Free speech is ultimately about free thinking and the right to expression, and that is what is at stake. As Americans, we used to be free to dislike, disagree with, and even exclude people for an infinite number of socially and legally acceptable reasons.
    You can still tease or criticize people who are over-weight, old, short, funny looking, unfashionable, etc, and its perfectly ok. And what about attorneys, who are clearly the most hated group in America because of their chosen profession? But after a very successful marketing campaign, homosexuals have become a hyper-protected special interest group with an insatiable appetite for privileges that jeopardize the rights of others to disagree with them. Opponents to Prop 8 make ridiculous statements like “chickens have more rights in California than gays,” pointing to a ballot measure that was passed under which chickens got the right to have cages big enough to stretch their legs. So far there have been no reported incidents of any chickens getting married. Gays have been extraordinarily successful in convincing others that they are disadvantaged and mistreated. The homosexual agenda is intent on driving heterosexuals “into the closet” and prohibiting any speech that gay activists don’t approve of. It is to the point that much of the media will demonize anyone who dares to challenge the gay rights agenda. Making anti gay speech into a discrimination issue is aimed at making the heterosexual viewpoint illegal, both as a matter of civil and criminal law. The news has been littered with examples of public figures who have suffered swift and extreme political, professional, and social consequences for expressing heterosexual view points.
    The right to free speech is very much at risk, and the cost for sentimentality for gay privilege will cost far more than most people realize.

  2. Who says this is only about the “right” to marry? The more I read about businesses being coerced into conforming to what gay activists consider the norm, the more I am convinced that this is bigger than what they claim. Those of us who support traditional marriage will be forced to change in profound ways if this doesn’t stop! Do you remember “the six consequences if Prop 8 fails”? How about “the six consequences if Prop 8 passes”? See my post here: http://californiacrusader.wordpress.com/2008/11/17/the-six-consequences-if-prop-8-passes/

  3. Great Post on Free Speech and the 6 consequences. I can’t believe what a mess this whole Prop 8 thing has become. Well I can believe, I guess that I like to think that most people are decent, but that’s not always realistic, like the No on 8 radical crazy protesters….Oh well, I believe in their right to free speech….it’s totally the homosexual agenda to make everyone come around to their point of view. But they better give it up…they will never convince me, and a lot of other people, no matter how hard they try.

    Proud California 70%: I really loved the way you explained this free speech drama that’s going on. I’m going to post your comment as a new post so my readers will see it, if that’s ok. If not, let me know and I’ll take it down….Thanks for your comments everyone!

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