{ Parallels to the Fight of Our Day }

This post is for all of my LDS readers, and also for those who would appreciate some insight into what’s happening in society right now. I got this email from my Dad today, where he wrote to my siblings, my Mom and me, thanking us for being strong in this fight to protect Traditional Marriage. My Dad is in the Stake Presidency and he so great at likening the Scriptures to our day. I love when he sends emails like this so I asked his permission to post it here for you. I put in links to the scriptures he mentions if anyone wants to study further. If anyone has questions, please comment or email me.

“Prop 8 was the first big battle in the war to come. The skirmishes have been more subtle. More just under the table resistance. The onslaught is too great to deal with under the table anymore. We won this one because we were organized and ready and partly because the enemy under estimated us. You can see parallels of our day in the Book of Mormon in almost every news event. This one is like the war described in Alma beginning chapter 48 when Moroni was General. The first time the Lamanites came they did not think the Nephites would be prepared for them and they underestimated them. But later the enemy was more prepared and the battles got harder and the war was nearly lost at one point because of mutiny within the ranks (the King Men). Another parallel to the prop 8 protesters is in Alma 51 where those who were not victorious in securing the voice of the people in their favor decided to get angry about it.

There will be many within the church lacking the faith to follow the Prophet. We must make sure we are not among them when the going gets really tough in the future. The early saints were driven from Missouri primarily due to their disobedience to the Prophet. I hope we will be more wise here in the last days.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you all that I could not be more well pleased with my family for your devotion to the Lord and your willingness to follow the Prophet in what some may deem hard things. This is what will keep us safe in the last days.

I love you


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