{ Gay marriage proponents protest in front of Newport Beach Temple }

Newport Beach No on 8 Protest-photo courtesy of the OC Register.com

Newport Beach No on 8 Protest-photo courtesy of the OC Register.com

About 300 protesters showed up today to protest in front of the Newport Beach Temple and Stake Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The OC Register reported on the protest and interviewed Waterford Clayton, President of the Newport Beach Stake. I love what he has to say in this article. He is my Stake President and I had the honor of working with him personally along with many other members of my ward, in our Yes on Prop 8 campaign efforts. My husband and I had so much fun working on the YES campaign and getting to know the people in our ward.

I don’t understand why so many protesters had “No on 8” signs. The time to support the No campaign and protest for that was almost 2 weeks ago. Proposition 8 passed! So I think they should get some different signs. Click on the link to the article to see more pictures from the protest.

Sunday, November 16, 2008
Gay marriage proponents protest in front of Mormon church
Peaceful demonstration takes place in Newport Beach.


The Orange County Register
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Demonstrators gathered in front of a Mormon temple in Newport Beach on Sunday to protest passage of Proposition 8. They were targeting the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, many members of which poured money into the campaign for passage of the proposition.

“We’re not asking churches to sanctify marriages,” said Ron Fichter of Laguna Beach. “To me it’s just basic human rights.”

Fichter, 64, said he came out as gay in 1965, was in the Navy for six years, and took part in one of the first gay marches in Washington, D.C., more than two decades ago.

“We’ve come a long ways, but we have a long ways to go,” said Fichter.

The approximately 300 protesters, according to police estimates, carried signs and chanted sayings while walking along the public sidewalks in front of the Newport Beach stake of the church. The demonstration began about 10 a.m. and lasted until about 1 p.m., police said. Passage of the ballot measure effectively reversed a California Supreme Court ruling this year that declared same-sex marriage to be a constitutional right.

“Everyone in the United States has a legal right to protest, which we support fully,” said Waterford Clayton, president of the Newport Beach stake. “This is not about sexual preference. This is about the moral standing of marriage.”

Clayton acknowledged that members of the church supported passage of Prop. 8 and that the church was “a very identifiable target.”

Clayton said the church is not against gays, and that many gays take part in the church.

“When churches feel that something that affects society as moral questions do, churches will and should take a stand,” said Clayton. “Our desire is that we disagree with civility and have a conversation.”

Mitch Goldstone of Irvine is gay and has been with a partner for 22 years. Goldstone married his partner in a Jewish ceremony performed by a rabbi in 1996, and married him four months ago in a civil ceremony.

“We should put down our protest horns and they should put down their checkbooks and we should talk to each other,” Goldstone said.

On Saturday, larger demonstrations opposing Prop. 8 were held in Irvine, Huntington Beach and South Coast Plaza as part of a nationwide network of protests.

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4 thoughts on “{ Gay marriage proponents protest in front of Newport Beach Temple }

  1. I drove past the holy temple, a place I revere and love to see people spilling out venom and hate against people who as far as i could see were passive and quiet and going about church things at the stake center near by. The movement is doing this so I change my mind and see thier view point?!! How absurd If I had pity for them before I am now sealed against them and will never support them ever. Compassion or not, they looked evil today and I cannot help them love them or support them ever.

  2. Thanks for commenting. It’s unfortunate the No on 8 side has to be so hateful. The pictures I saw online from the OC Rgister showed the protesters looking pretty mean. I’m out of town but my sisters went to Church there today. I’m still waiting to talk to them to get the scoop on everything.

  3. I was completely thrown off guard today when I entered the Newport Beach Chapel. The hate and disgust on the demonstrators faces was so venomous. Mormons aren’t the only people who voted ‘Yes’ on prop 8. I know people who don’t attend any kind of church, yet voted Yes on 8 as well as people of different ethnic background and diverse faiths. I guess in some way the Mormon church is a an easy target for their rage. I’d like to see them get in the face of a bunch of macho steelworkers or residence of Watts in L.A. who voted yes, and yell “BIGOT” or “SHAME ON YOU!”

  4. It’s interesting how protesters in favor of same-sex marriage can be so hateful and violent and expect everyone to think it’s ok, since they are fighting for some convoluted definition of civil rights, but then for them say that the traditional marriage supporters are kind and lovingly taking away their rights is insane……

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