{ A Funny Picture If You Think About It }

Obama Rally

Obama Rally

Another blog submission from my husband. Thanks J!

“Take a look at this picture… Think about it!

These people are freezing to death in the ice cold pouring rain and snow mixture. And what sign do they hold up? Not “Change”…. but “Stop Global Warming!” As we are facing a record cold winter this year (Not in Southern California) they still believe in Global Warming. Its a SCAM! Now they’ve changed it to “Global Climate Change!” Duh…. the climates to change, EVERY SEASON!! Haven’t they heard of the farmer’s almanac? It’s been published for the past 192 years and been very accurate.

Farmer’s Almanac Link

What if these people lived in Southern California? They would not know what to do with themselves. They would think we are having global warming every day of the year. 😉

(Also, it’s interesting to look at the people that actually show up to these Obama rallies)”


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