{ White Powder Hoax Mailings Sent to LDS Temples }


I’m inclined to think that radicals from the No on Prop 8 side were involved in this. The FBI is still investigating. Paul Foy from the Salt Lake City Associated Press reports on the incidents here…….

A few snippets from his article include:

“The letters were sent to the Salt Lake City headquarters of the church, where powder spilled on a mail clerk’s hand, and to a temple in Los Angeles. Both packages tested nontoxic, the FBI said Friday.”

President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Thomas S. Monson, said in a statement, “We call upon those who have honest disagreements on this issue to urge restraint upon the extreme actions of a few”

‘”The NO on 8 campaign was about civil rights and seeking equality for all Californians. We have said time and again that the Mormon church deserves the same respect as any other religion,” said Ali Bay, a spokeswoman for Equality California, the state’s largest gay rights group.’

‘”Even if you send a hoax threat, you’re still in violation of federal law,” Becerra said.’


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