{ Out of Control Legislators and their Amicus Brief }

Here is a link to the Amicus brief that 44 members of the California State Legislature joined, asking the state Supreme Court to strike down Prop 8. You will find these names on page 1. Again, I ask, since when is it the job of our elected officials to get involved in this? The voters have voted. These legislators also got to cast their vote, now they need to get back to work and do what they were elected to do…whatever that is. How can they sign a brief like this when they also represent constituents who voted Yes on Prop 8? I’m going to do some research and see what I can find out about how we handle this. But I suspect that some phone calls and letters to these people are in order. And P.S. we definitely shouldn’t be voting for them again.

1. Senate President Pro Tempore Don Perata
2. Senate President Pro Tempore-elect Darrell Steinberg
3. Speaker of the Assembly Karen Bass,
4. Assembly Speaker Emeritus Fabian Nunez
5. Senator Ron Calderon
6. Senator Gilbert Cedillo
7. Senator Ellen Corbett
8. Senator Christine Kehoe
9. Senator Sheila Kuehl
10. Senator Alan S. Lowenthal
11. Senator Carole Migden
12. Senator Alex Padilla
13. Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas
14. Senator Gloria Romero
15. Senator Patricia Wiggins
16. Assemblymember Jim Beall, Jr.
17. Assemblymember Patty Berg
18. Assemblymember Julia Brownley
19. Assemblymember Anna M. Caballero
20. Assemblymember Charles Calderon
21. Assemblymember Joe Coto
22. Assemblymember Kevin de Leon
23. Assemblymember MarkDeSaulnier
24. Assemblymember Mike Eng
25. Assemblymember Noreen Evans
26. Assemblymember Mike Feuer
27. Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes
28. Assemblymember Loni Hancock
29. Assemblymember Mary Hayashi
30. Assemblymember Edward P. Hernandez
31. Assemblymember Jared Huffman
32. Assemblymember Dave Jones
33. Assemblymember Betty Karnette
34. Assemblymember Paul Krekorian
35. Assemblymember John Laird
36. Assemblymember Mark Leno
37. Assemblymember Lloyd E. Levine
38. Assemblymember Sally J. Lieber
39. Assemblymember Fiona Ma
40. Assemblymember Anthony J. Portantino
41. Assemblymember Lori Saldana
42. Assemblymember Jose Solorio
43. Assemblymember Sandre R. Swanson
44. Assemblymember Lois Wolk


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