{ Blogger Editoral: Wow…Looks like the opposition is getting a little fired up at my blog… }

I guess I should rephrase…I love comments from people who are intelligent, civilized, can communicate with out name calling, and respect that people can have different opinions and beliefs then they do.

…I’m not going to post the 2 nasty comments I got today. This isn’t an open forum for the opposition, it’s MY blog and for people who want to post positive comments. If they want to write hateful comments, then they should get their own blog. However I do find it really interesting that they would take the time to read my blog and then take even more time to write a comment. I don’t waste my time reading the opposition’s blogs, but apparently they seem to care what all of us YES on 8 supporters have to say. One comment said that I’m judgmental….I’m not judging anyone, just exercising my civil right to free speech, to cast my vote as I wish and support the causes I believe in. Isn’t that what they are doing? Oh, but they seem to think that the Yes on 8 people are the ones with the problem, because the opposition has disguised their fight as racial and in support of civil rights for all (or whatever they say). The commenter also said I was racist….since when is being gay/lesbian a “race?” I must have missed that in all of my years of elementary school, high school and college. I guess they better start protesting in front of all of the CA State Universities, (because that’s where I went to school), and tell them that their professors are leaving homosexuals out when they lecture on “race.” I can’t believe the NO camp isn’t more upset about that. Maybe these two comment-ers are just part of what I call my “Bandwagon Theory.” Perhaps they just have too much time on their hands, and they are browsing all of the Prop 8 blogs to see what’s going on in the world. Maybe they didn’t even vote, and now they want to be “in” on all of the protesting and hate action. Just to be clear, I’m not blogging for them…….I guess my target audience has more of what some would call an open-mind, and also morals, values, integrity and and appreciation for traditional marriage and family. Hopefully I can share my views and beliefs and have a positive influence on people who are still looking for info about Prop 8, protecting traditional marriage and conservative politics.

Thanks for reading! And thank you for all of your positive and insightful comments!

2 thoughts on “{ Blogger Editoral: Wow…Looks like the opposition is getting a little fired up at my blog… }

  1. Well put. I’ve struggled with the same issue on my blog. I’ve decided that I’ll allow discussion, but it has to be honest discussion, not derogatory or demeaning, and I put people through the patented Beetle Spam filter if they post again and again as other people to make themselves look popular….DUANE! 😉

    I’ve had a handful of good discussions, but a lot of sewer logs too. I’m always happy to see my DNA buddies though.

    Thanks for the support.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I don’t like the fact that you’ve gotten mean comments too, but it makes me feel better that I’m not being singled out. I know we’re all taking the heat! Good idea to filter bad comments but still allow for discussion. I don’t mind constructive comments that don’t agree with my position, but those two guys today were so mean. Thanks for reading!

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