{ And the opposition thinks they are “going viral”…..guess they haven’t yet met the DNA!!! }

I found this post by Heather on her blog “Make My Vote Count.” I thought this post was great and wanted to share it with you. I think its insane how the No on 8 opposition is getting all of this recognition and accolades for their “going viral” efforts, and the media is raving on about how many people they are contacting via the internet. Give me a break. They always say it’s a compliment when someone copies you, but seriously,we aren’t looking for compliments from the No camp. What part of “the election was so last week and they lost” do they not understand. It’s really scary that it still hasn’t sunk in over there. Read Heather’s post and visit the links she provides for more info. Thanks to all of you at the DNA. Looks like we still need to keep posting about families and traditional marriage.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Going Viral

This article was published in our local newspaper. As always, the newspaper is a little late in reporting the “news”… we’ve already launched and completed an internet campaign while the newspaper says those opposed to prop 8 are now turning to the internet.

Here are a few quotes that caught my attention:

“They [the opposition to prop 8] launched e-mail and text-message blasts that went to thousands at a time. They set up accounts on Web sites Facebook and MySpace that advertised where and when protests would be staged, collecting contacts for follow-up.

“I’m stunned at the reach of these social-networking and viraling efforts,” said Rex Wockner, a San Diego journalist who has reported for gay media outlets for more than 20 years. “To pull together 10,000 people in a fairly laid-back community like San Diego in days is unbelievable.”

“Technology is the campaign,” said Rick Jacobs, who founded the Courage Campaign, a progressive statewide alliance. “The rallies, the protests were all organized 100 percent online.”

However, this also brings to attention the need for the prop 8 blogs to stay open and that we need to continue posting relevant information. We have to keep the truth out there for the public, especially as more people turn to the internet for their source of news.

Here is a link to an older post regarding the activists’ agenda that I think needs to be printed on the front page of every newspaper! http://makemyvotecount.blogspot.com/2008/10/activists-agenda.html
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