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This article gives a little info about the potential for a recall of the 4 activist judges. I hope it comes to that. They were way out of line and we don’t need people like that, supposedly serving the concerned citizens of CA. I’ll see what other info I can dig up tomorrow.

November 11, 2008
Ted Costa: State high court throwing out Prop. 8 sure to lead to recall effort

The California Supreme Court’s surprising announcement that it will quickly review the legality of Proposition 8, banning gay marriage, has prompted growing speculation that the four judges who found a right to gay marriage in the state Constitution in a May ruling will quickly throw Prop. 8 out. If that happens, watch out for a “barn-burner of an election — the biggest thing this state has ever seen,” says recall election guru Ted Costa.

Costa says he’s already been contacted by some of the folks who would seek to recall Ronald George, Joyce Kennard, Kathryn Werdegar and Carlos Moreno if Prop. 8 is scrapped. He thinks it’s premature and risky because talk of a recall “would just (bleep) off the judges.”

Costa also doesn’t sound like he’s too thrilled about such a recall, saying it wouldn’t be “healthy.” Citing all the financial turmoil in California, he said, “If someone’s going to do some recalling, that should be the focus.”

But Costa sounds certain such a recall would happen and agreed that it would be no problem at all for gay marriage opponents to quickly gather the signatures of 12 percent of the electorate to force a recall election targeting George, Kennard, Werdegar and Moreno. He said supporters of Prop. 8 such as the Knights of Columbus, the Mormon Church and other traditional religious groups all had “massive” resources to bring to bear.

He doesn’t think the state Supreme Court will overturn Prop. 8. “I gotta believe they’ll uphold the initiative process.” But if the four justices do, Costa says expect an amazing spectacle.

I agree. I think literally hundreds of millions of dollars would be spent on the recall. Gay marriage opponents see Prop. 8 as akin to a last stand preventing a global movement toward acceptance of gay marriage and will go all out. Gay marriage supporters, for their part, will no longer accept incremental progress or “civil unions.”

At least it would be good for the California economy.
Posted by Chris Reed at November 11, 2008 11:44 AM

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