{ Just my thoghts and opinions…comments welcome! }

So if any of you have been following the news reports about the No on Prop 8 crazed rallies and protests, then you are well aware of the situation. Can you even believe this drama? I just keep wondering where all of these so-called “opposers” were before the election. How many people did you see holding signs on the street? I guess they were too busy with their Yes on 8 sign stealing efforts to hold any signs of their own. How many phone calls did you get from No on 8 volunteers? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I didn’t get any. But how many phone calls did our volunteers make? Hundreds of Thousands. I just keep thinking that their little displays of “free speech” and their “right to protest” aka, vandalize LDS Temples, and everything else they have been doing, definitely falls into the tantrum and sore-looser categories. If they were so concerned about their right to marry, then why didn’t they collect the signatures to have their own constitutional amendment put before the voters? That’s what we did! As Dr. Laura says, “if you don’t speak-up, then you forfeit your right to complain about it later.” In their case, “if you don’t put in the effort…then you forfeit the right to run a muck, protest, vandalize, and complain later.” I know they have a right to protest, I just don’t see the point. Looks like a lot of wasted energy to me. Must be nice for them to be able to protest the Mormons who they know won’t do anything to them. Kind of cowardly if you ask me. One comment to the SD Tribune article I posted below mentioned how the person commenting was waiting for them to protest in black neighborhoods and churches. “Now that would be entertainment.” I can imagine that the opposition probably wouldn’t receive the same non-response as they have protesting the Mormons.

So they’re mad that the Mormons were better organized and that we donated almost half of the money raised in support of prop 8, so what, we weren’t even close to being half of the Yes votes. They are so angry but they don’t care about statics and facts. Prop 8 passed and it seems too little too late for the opposition. I am just trying to figure out what they hope to accomplish with all of their protests and h8 signs and postcards and websites and gay blogs etc.? Are they hoping to get the same slimy judges to come to their rescue again? Those guys will have the recall effort to contend with if they do.

Apparently there is another No on 8 protest planned for this weekend outside the LDS Temple in Newport Beach. And they had better stay “outside.” Again, what do they hope to accomplish? Church services will still go on and our faith will not be shaken! One of the many blessings of being a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is that we have perspective. One little rally, or 100 rallies isn’t going to break us, and it definitely won’t make us change our mind! We are strong in our convictions about traditional marriage and the purpose of families. There were two sweet gentlemen standing out in front of the Church building and Temple on Sunday when we pulled up for Church. Thankfully there were no protesters last Sunday, but I guess they will have to call in the reinforcements to help those two guys with security if the protesters are going to be there this week. I suggest they get the very nice LDS Polynesian men to stand out there to greet the protesters, and maintain order. I wouldn’t want to tango with these guys if you know what I mean. I am a little disappointed that I’m going to miss all of the action on Sunday. I’m out of town visiting my parents and will have to hear about it from my sisters.

My husband sent me an email detailing the gay/lesbian agenda and their plan to indoctrinate people and make the gay lifestyle acceptable in society. I’ll have to dig it out and post it here so you can read it. Its so scary what they are really trying to do to society. It doesn’t matter…I’m perfectly fine to keep fighting for my marriage, traditional marriage, my family, and planning and saving to send my future kids to private school.


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