{ “In the Face of Hatred: An LDS LAPD Officer Looks at the Temple Protests” }

courtesy of meridianmagazine.com

courtesy of meridianmagazine.com

My Aunt emailed me a link to this article and I had tears in my eyes before I was finished reading it. Written by Paul Bishop and posted on Meridianmagazine.com, he shares with readers his experiences and the things he has learned through out the Prop 8 fight. His faith and tolerance is amazing. I hope you’ll take the time to read it. I wanted to put the article right in this post, but the pictures wouldn’t copy. You can find his article, “In the Face of Hatred” here.

I guess I have decided to just blog about whatever I feel is related to the fight for traditional marriage, protecting our families, our children, religious freedom, and the aftermath of Prop 8, with a little politics thrown in the mix too. I hope you’ll keep reading and commenting. I know that No on Prop 8 supporters read this blog too, so as a disclaimer, I know that not all of our opposition has behaved in the same manner as the individuals in this officer’s article, but I also hope that the ones who choose to oppose us in a kinder way, might have a positive influence on angry people like the ones he writes about.

I hope your week is off to a great start!!!! Thanks for reading! ~M


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