{ Gay/Lesbian Postcard Scandal and President of the LDS Church }

I can’t even believe the attack that the LDS Church is receiving for the passage of Prop 8. Yes, we stood up for our beliefs, exercised our right to vote, and did all we could, but there were so many people from other religions that supported Prop 8 and voted in favor of it too. I can’t really understand why we are such a target, except that the opposition must feel threatened in some way. It’s very obvious that the Gay and Lesbian community doesn’t care about the facts, or the truth, they are just angry, and it is deplorable the way they have been conducting themselves since Prop 8 passed. They have launched a new website, invalidateprop8.org., on which they are accepting donations for their “cause.” What they think they are going to do with the money, I have no idea, pay for their law suits I guess, but what is completely disgusting is that for every $5 dollars donated, they will send a postcard to the President of the LDS church, thanking him for his support and informing him that a donation has been made in his name. I’m sick to my stomach again, as I’m sure many of you are.

I just can’t get my head around this insane attack. Maybe it’s because they know that the LDS church will not retaliate and we won’t be unkind, no matter how ugly they get. I’m just thankful that President Monson probably has people who sort through his mail, and that he won’t likely have to receive all of these nasty postcards personally. I know that President Monson has a clear picture of what’s happening here and he will still have love for these people despite their attempts to mar the Church’s reputation and harass our dear Prophet. I am thankful for his example. It is extremely hard not to get all worked up and angry at these people.

I can’t bring myself to link to the Gay/Lesbian site, or post the text of the lame postcard they are planning to send. Its on their site if you want to read it.

I love comments. I’m curious what you guys think about this postcard scandal. Thanks for reading.


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