{ Guest Post #1…..}

This has been a busy weekend, and we are also fired up about all of the No-on-Prop-8-even-though-we’re-too-late Protests around the state. I just wonder where all of these “activists” and fighters for alleged equality were oh, say the last three months when all of us YES on Prop 8 volunteers and supporters were working hard for our side. So, I have been getting great emails from my friends and family and I’ve decided to post them on my blog this weekend. I hope you enjoy my guest bloggers.

My first guest blogger is my little brother. Amazingly smart, spiritual, and dedicated to righteous causes. He’s away at BYU in school, but he registered and voted here and has stayed involved and informed about everything that went on here. Below is an email he sent tonight. I thought I would share for all of my LDS readers out there. And for those of you that aren’t LDS too; I hope you will also appreciate the truth in his email. If you want to read more or learn more about the scripture he quotes, you can find the book of 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon online here.

“Hello all. so i was reading my scriptures tonight and i think Nephi summed up our views of the NO on 8 supporters. in 2 Nephi 33:9 he says “I also have charity for the [No on Prop 8 supporters]. But behold, for none of these can I hope except they shall be reconciled unto Christ, and enter into the narrow gate, and walk in the strait path which leads to life, and continue in the path until the end of the day of probation.” In other words, we look on them without justification, without excuses, without compromises. But we also look on them with charity. We love them but, unlike them, know that standing up for what we believe isn’t intolerance or hatred for them. anyway, just thought i’d share.”


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