{ Time to recall the judges…… }

I really thought I wasn’t going to have to do this blog anymore, but people are reading it (which I love) and apparently we now have judges to kick out.

As my brother said in an email to me, “Hey. I signed up. I’m always for kicking people out of things.”

Yes we won on Prop 8!!!!!! We fought hard and we won!!!!! But we still have this problem of these crazy activist judges, and they have been way out of line. It’s time to remove them from office and get judges with more integrity and a better understanding of their role. The role of the courts is to interpret the laws and the constitution, not to make the laws, but that’s exactly what the 4 SF judges did by ruling Prop 22 unconstitutional earlier this year. Hence the need for Prop 8; to put government back on the side of the people, as Sarah Palin always says, to protect traditional marriage and protect our families, our freedom of speech and religion.

To quote my little sister, the cutie from the prop 8 pictures in an earlier post, “This is a site I found to recall one of the lame-o judges who overturned prop 22.” I got this link from her. I take one day off from politics to play paralegal for my husband and our legal fight for Father’s rights against crazy exes, and I am totally out of the recall loop. I love that my family is so civic minded and politically informed.

Sign the petition here to start the recall of Ron George, one of the activist SF judges. Make sure to put your real name and address in the form so that your electronic signature submission or whatever they call it will be valid.

My family has been busy signing the petition and doing recall research. My sister sent out a family email where she said, “We’re getting to work on how to recall all 4 judges, because with all of this uproar after prop 8 passing, who knows what unjust thing they’ll do next. Here’s an SF gate article about how retarded the judges are for not waiting to see if the amendment passed before overturning prop 22, which is what they should have done. Instead they wanted all the fame and glory of being celebrities among all these crazy liberals and now they created this enormous mess. We’ll show them.” I’m sitting here in my Dad’s office and he’s reading her email and he commented how she flies off the handle sometimes….we think she’s great and she’s definitely right!!!!!!!!! My Dad interjects…..”I don’t want the readers to think it’s a negative thing…she’s just energetic!!!” And we should all be that energetic when people are trying to rip our our rights and liberties from our very clutches. I wonder if she will abandon her interior design empire to become the next Sara Palin….except she’ll run for President, and she’ll win. And I thought that I was leader of the political arena in our family……. someone’s passing me up.

You can read more of what my sister was ranting about in the SF Gate/Chronicle letters to the editor here.

My brother says that when you scroll to the bottom you can vote for the comments you like, and you can keep voting, if you clear your cookies…….Have fun! And thanks for all of the great comments. I will have to check out the links you guys posted this weekend when I have more time. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!

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