{ The opposition’s continued drama….but we still WON!!!! }

Protectmarriage.com is updating their website with the latest aftermath-of-Prop-8 News. Check out the bottom left side of their home page. Since this is my first attempt at a blog, and I’m realizing how time consuming it can be, I was hoping that after Prop 8 passed, I wouldn’t have to update it anymore, but unfortunately, it looks like the opposition is going to give us Prop 8 supporters a lot to keep writing about, their complaining is totally unfounded but they seem to keep whining anyway. Here’s the latest update from the protectmarriage.com website.


3 thoughts on “{ The opposition’s continued drama….but we still WON!!!! }

  1. Thanks for continuing to blog about Prop 8! I’m afraid our fight isn’t over. Although at least for now, it looks like we get a little break.

  2. I find it wonderful that other faiths have stood with the LDS church and not let them take the flak alone.

    Los Angeles interfaith leaders voiced their support for the LDS church this afternoon, saying: “The peaceful faiths, families, educators, activists, and community servants who make up the protect Marriage Coalition are saddened to hear of the continued targeted attacks on the Mormon people during and after the conclusion of this fair and certified election. Like many churches, the family is the anchor of the LDS faith and it is no surprise that its members in California joined other faiths in giving everything they had to Proposition 8.“

    It’s one of the more amazing things of this election, that so many faiths were able to build bridges and find common ground to stand on.


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