{ Get out the VOTE !!!! }

Ok everyone. Today is the day! Your vote counts, so get out there and vote YES on Prop 8!!!! Protect and restore traditional marriage. Take a stand for the future of our families and our country. We can do this. Have faith, pray and go cast your ballot!!!!! We’ll be fine! It sounds like the opposition is and has been very desperate. They know we’re right, their positions are indefensible.

Display your signs proudly. Remind your family and neighbors that today is the day to vote!

Just a side note……I have to give a shout out to my sisters. They are amazing and have totally led the Prop 8 campaign for the singles in their ward. They have been busily calling and putting out signs for several days (if any of you heard about the phone call President Ballard had with the Stake Presidents last week, where he mentioned the singles ward that called more people then all of the other singles wards in CA combined….that was my sisters’ ward. And my sisters have headed up the Prop 8 efforts for the singles in their ward). Amazing!

Well I should have told you all about this sooner, but when they put out their street signs, they spray them down with cooking spray so that when the opposition tries to steal them they are slick and get their hands all greasy and black…..I love it!!!!! Serves them right!

Thanks for your support of Prop 8 and all you have done to protect marriage!!!!

I am anxiously awaiting the results tonight….although I am confident we will win!!!!!


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