{ Traditional Marriage 101, Courtesy of Dr. Laura… Read on!!! }

I love Dr. Laura Schlessinger!!! Aka Dr. Laura to her fans and listeners. You may or may not have heard of her before, and you may or may not like her… but I agree with almost everything she says. She is one of this country’s most avid champions for children and marriage. She hosts a call-in radio show and is a best-selling author (she’s on noon to 3pm M-F–AM 640 for S. Cal listeners and AM 580 for N. Cal listeners).  She tells it like it is and advises people how to be better parents, how to be better friends and how to make life better for their children and how to have a better marriage. I think we need more people like her. As a huge fan of Dr. Laura’s since college when I first started listening to her, and now as a newlywed of just over a year… I wanted to share with my readers two great Dr. Laura books in which she talks about traditional marriage and the wonderful differences between men and women. There are great reviews on these books and some not so great, but despite the title of “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands,” it is a book for both wives and husbands. I’ve read it, so has my Dad, Mom, my brothers, my husband, and mother-in-law.  Everyone loved it, and I’m in the middle of reading “The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry when you realized that some of the behaviors she talks about might be your own, you’ll commit to never treating your spouse like the callers in this book, and it will make you proud to be a man or a woman, as Dr. Laura explains the importance of our individual gender roles and how critical it is that we fulfill them. Your marriage and your family will be better for having read these books! My husband and I like to think that we have a near perfect marriage. We rarely fight and when we do it’s never mean, more jokingly, and we respectfully agree to disagree. I read the “Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” before we even got married. Having listened to Dr. Laura’s radio program for years, I have heard some of the calls she references in her book. These books are real eye-openers and a must read for any couple in a troubled marriage, or in a great marriage and would like to keep it that way.

I love checking out books for free at the library, especially for the kids, but you can purchase the books on Amazon here…. also.

Read the book, read the reviews and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Here’s a link to Dr. Laura’s website, if you’d like to find out more information on her.


{ Thankfully, Not All of Hollywood Has Taken Leave of their Morals… }

Since this seems to be low-key blogging, movie-review-week here at The Journalista Chronicle, I thought I would share this. The 80’s Sitcom Growing Pains was always one of my favorites, as it portrays an intact traditional family with parents who teach their children values and morality, and right from wrong. I’m happy to see that Kirk Cameron is still showing America how important family and marriage are. He explains his new movie “Fireproof” to Bill O’Reilly in the video clip below.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but definitely plan too. Foxnews.com reports on the movie’s unexpected success. ‘Fireproof’ tells the story of “a firefighter who lives by the mantra “never leave your partner behind” at work is about to do just that in his personal life.” Since opening at the boxoffice in October, Fireproof has grossed in excess of $30 Million! In the movie, Caleb Holt (Cameron) receives the book, “The Love Dare,” from his father, who tells him to follow its 40-day challenge to save his marriage. I am so excited that there ia a movie like this. A champion for traditional marriage and Christian values!

The movie, which has a strong faith-based message and was made with a budget of just $500,000 and a volunteer cast that includes former teen idol Kirk Cameron, has been surprisingly successful.

“This is a movie that gives people hope and inspires them that they can save their marriages _ that love, in the end, won’t fail, if you pour your heart and your time and your energy into the things that really matter,” Cameron said.

Watch the trailer on the movie’s official website here.

Have you seen ‘Fireproof’ already? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

Sources: townhall.com, foxnews.com

{ Thanksgiving Post From Pearl Diver… }

My new blogger friend Pearl-Diver wrote an amazing Thanksgiving post and I wanted to direct my readers to it. It’s definitely worth a read. She’s an amazing writer a really knows how to articulate things well. She makes some great points about the real condition of the fight over marriage in California. Let us know what you think about the gay rights campaign and how they are presenting the “issues.” Here’s a snippet of Pearl’s post. Click here to read the entire Thanksgiving Post.

The gay “rights” movement is steam-rolling forward powered by blood-lust and rage, leaving in its wake a carnage the likes of which this country has not seen since Blacks were sent to the back of the bus. While this new, millennial movement claims love and equal rights as its objectives; lying in its wake is the antithetical and conspicuous reality – the tattered remains of freedom of speech and religion.  At the end of the rigidly pointing homosexual fingers stand the Mormons, being sent to the back of the bus for equally unfair reasons as their beloved African American brothers – they voted.

{ Hot Off the Press… Beetle Blogger Interviews the DNA Captain… }

If you’ve read this blog before then you might already be familiar with the Digital Network Army– aka the DNA! Beetle Blogger just interviewed the DNA Captain and has shared with us the latest DNA info, via her blog. Read on her for the interview, or check out Beetle’s Blog for the whole scoop. You can join by clicking on the DNA Badge in our sidebars. We hope you’ll join us. We as many people who want to get involved as possible. It’s a worthy cause and doesn’t take much time at all. It’s a work at your own pace kind of thing, and a great way to stay informed about the latest traditional marriage and family issues.

“I was able to get in contact with the DNA Team Captain and in my first exclusive interview, he was able to answer a few questions for me.

Beetle Blogger: So, what is the DNA exactly?  What do you do?  What is your “Mission”?

DNA Captain: The DNA is an organization of regular people, who are dedicated to preserving traditional family values.  The purpose of the DNA is to organize, or focus the voice of the people so it can be heard.  Alone one voice can get lost in the fray, but many voices speaking out on family issues in a focused way makes them more powerful.  We believe it’s important that the voice of the people be heard by policy makers and voters.

Beetle Blogger:
And you’re not really particularly religious or political are you?

DNA Captain:
Right, we’ve got members from all walks of life, all political persuasions, college alumni, concerned mothers, lawyers, famous people, regular joes, plumbers, people with money, people without money….just basically people who are alarmed about the changes they see happening in the social fabric of the country and want to make a difference.  We have a small army of writers, strategists, thinkers and philosophers.  The common thread is that they’re all people who believe in traditional morals and family and who are willing to get out and do rather than watch.  That’s our power.

Beetle Blogger:
I know you have an email network and you basically email chain news and information around the network, but how effective is that?

DNA Captain:
Well, it’s very effective.  They call the internet the new media because it takes power away from the traditional media and allows the common people to band together for causes.  We don’t have to wait to be spoon fed the opinion of the editors at CNN or FOX if we don’t want to.  We can go look it up on Drudge or many other places that are popping up.

We’ve got four areas we really focus on:

1. We disseminate news stories–This is our main focus, we are like a homespun version of the Associated Press.  When there are stories out there like the Scott Eckern story, or the El Coyote story that are not getting widespread press from the mainstream media, we need to have means to push those stories into the local media outlets, and from there the big guys may pick it up by force of pressure.  Our group heard about Scott Eckern being pressured to resign even before he resigned.  The DNA helped further a letter campaign in the 12 hours before his actual resignation, and after the resignation we published the information far and wide, submitting news tips to every major media outlet and even local media outlets.  Drudge got tips from several of our members and what started out as a very small story is now widely known.  Had it been a gay man forced to resign, the media would have spread it and made it national news by themselves, but when a story doesn’t fit their templates, the stories just don’t get reported.   We’re helping to change that.

2. We help get the message out so people can be educated on the core issues–with proposition 8, there was a major push by the opposition to conceal the arguments and issues, behind names like bigotry and hatred.  Our effort is to be solidly informed on both sides of the marriage issue and then to get the message out. Now that proposition 8 is over, it’s becoming clear that the battle has merely moved from one state to the others.  This information needs to be spread throughout the country.  If you watch the mainstream media, you get the impression that the only reason to oppose the redefinition of family is based on bigotry, ignorance and hate.  That is an untruth that does the entire country a disservice, yet the media continues to put that idea forward and unless people scratch the surface of the issue themselves, they might never know the true issues at stake here.  Many of our members are actively involved in writing letters to editors, publishing blog articles and spreading news stories on the fight for marriage and family that illustrate the consequences happening in our community from the attack on marriage and family.

3. We help people to coordinate their voices: because we’re all networked together, we can coordinate our efforts to make sure that newspapers and local news outlets have access to our voices.  Our army writes editorials and opinion pieces to keep our pro-family agenda in the public eye.

4. We are able to contact the army quickly!  We remain closely connected via email so the instant something happens, the information goes out immediately.

Beetle Blogger: Were you behind the CTA Tuesday sick-out/letter writing campaign?

DNA Captain: Well, not really, but we contributed our part by relaying the information through the network, we didn’t start the idea for the actual sick-out.  We spread the information that the California Teacher’s Association was using teacher funds to attack the family and that information went out like wildfire especially through parent circles.  A lot of teachers had no idea that their union had voted to spend millions of dollars to fight proposition 8 and 4, both family friendly issues, and the reaction instantly created a furor among both teachers and parents.  The backlash of that furor manifested itself in the sick-out effort and the letter writing campaign.  The idea was that if the schools became hostile to families and traditional values, the families would be forced to move their children to private or home school situations, which would take money from the school system.  The frustration out there was from the image of the schools fighting families.  The details on the sick-out came from the grass roots somewhere, but once one of our members picked it up and blasted it through the DNA network, it went like wildfire.  In the course of 24 hours news of the sick-out had made it to families all across the state.   It is an example of the power these types of networks can have.  We don’t have exact numbers, but we know of hundreds of students and parents who wrote letters to their teachers in protest of the CTA’s effort to undermine the family.

Beetle Blogger: So I guess that leads into my next question, how big is the DNA?

DNA Captain: We started out with just a handful of dedicated people, but within the first two months we’d grown to 400 members.  Now the membership has extended beyond the borders of California and we’re aiming at becoming a national organization. We decided after the election to initially end the DNA project, but watching the news and seeing the havoc and outrage out there, we realized that it had become a national issue and that there was a need for an organization like this out in the heartland.  So, we restructured, added some additional leadership and now we’re back with force and continuing to spread.

You know, the tide is turning out there against gay marriage, but the message has to get out.  If you watch the old media you don’t get a clear picture of the detrimental influence the re-definition of marriage can have on families and society.  Basic freedoms are at stake when you talk about creating a gay protected class because it crosses the morality line.  If people acting immorally is taught as moral and equal, that has a lot of consequences.  Now the DNA is not only about marriage, education and freedom, but it is the main focus right now of our organization.  As California goes, so goes the nation and so goes the world.  We can’t afford to let misinformation color the voters of this nation with ignorance.

That’s basically the message and the purpose of the DNA, to get the message out there so people can see both sides of the issues and make an informed choice.

Beetle Blogger: Now, your name isn’t really DNA Captain right?  Who are you really?

DNA Captain: I actually think that’s one of the genius aspects of this network, we encourage anonymity to protect individuals who may be subject to intimidation or danger.  No one has to give out names or personal information if they don’t want to, in fact many of our members create new email addresses completely separate from their normal family addresses in order to participate. This is a heated issue and we each want the ability to act and speak freely without worrying about our safety.  We’ve seen what the other side does to supporters of traditional marriage, so we set ourselves up this way for protection. The reason I don’t personally identify myself is first for privacy concerns, and second to add stability to the group.  We actually have several people who have served in the DNA Captain capacity, so it’s easier to have a title associated with the DNA rather than a specific name.

Beetle Blogger: How do people find out more information or join the DNA?

DNA Captain: We encourage volunteers, professionals, parent groups, friends and family to participate.  Have them go directly to our website located at http://groups.google.com/group/digarmy or email dna.teamcaptain@gmail.com directly to request admission.  Truthfilled. Respectful. Relentless. We can make the difference.”

Source: Beetle Blogger

{ Sneaky, Sneaky Hollywood….Wake Up America! }

If you haven’t noticed already, then you should start paying attention to the sneaky and not so sneaky ways that Hollywood is participating in the “deteriorate the family” and “promote homosexuality” campaigns. If you just take the time to look around, the filth is everywhere. Call me a prude or whatever, but I already don’t watch rated “R” movies and it’s looking like I’ll be passing on PG-13’s for the most part as well. My husband and I are notorious for walking out of trashy and inappropriate movies and I’m an ace at getting theaters to refund our money so we can then go see something that is more in line with our values. Blogger tip: If you tell the theaters that the the movie should have a higher rating and if you had known how trashy it was, then you wouldn’t have even bought a ticket, it usually works rather well, but the catch is that you have to get a refund before 20 minutes into the movie. They won’t let you watch half and then get your money back. Sometimes we have to settle for just passes, rather then a refund, but the point is, if you don’t feel comfortable in a movie, or you shouldn’t feel comfortable in a movie, get up and walk out!!!!

So, I am a little embarrassed to admit that I didn’t get up and walk out of the movie my entire family went to see on Wednesday, “Four Christmases.” I should have though. My sister, her boyfriend and my Dad only lasted about 15 minutes before they walked out, but the rest of us stayed. There were mixed reviews about the movie, but in light of the societal upheaval as of late and being fully aware of everything the radical left, gay rights activists and same-sex marriage backers have been shoving down our throats, in an effort to indoctrinate our entire country and destroy our entire society, this movie stuck out like a sore thumb!

I just thought I would give my readers a little synopsis of what gems this movie had to offer. Read on to get the sarcasm….

  1. The movie starts off with the main couple ranting and raving to an engaged couple about how crappy marriage is. They aren’t married themselves, but they proceed to tell this engaged couple why they would NEVER marry….ball and chain and other negative marriage phrases are used.
  2. They couple spend the first part of the movie plotting to avoid their family for Christmas. (I could never imagine not being with my family for Christmas).
  3. As they hop from house to house after being roped into spending Christmas with their families, the plot thickens, or rather the muck thickens……You learn that all parents are divorced, so the couples do not have intact families.
  4. Reese’s character apparently was lesbian-esque in high school….(little plug for the gay community)
  5. Vince’s Mom now shacks-up with his former best friend from high school.
  6. The couple go on and on about how they don’t want kids
  7. Then Reece decides she does and she might want to get married, but Vince doesn’t so he storms off.
  8. Vince then comes back saying that ok, they can start thinking and talking about having kids, Reece is excited, they kiss and make up and then start in with, kids will be a good tax write-off, we will have to have 2 so, like dogs, they will have company and can be left alone…..and on and on….
  9. Then as the movie ends, it shows the couple in the hospital with their new baby, one year later……no wedding rings in sight, no in-tack family for this newborn, no plans to marry….

My husband says, “well, we don’t know they didn’t get married, or weren’t getting married,” and my response was, “well Hollywood made sure we knew they weren’t married, we shouldn’t have to speculate and finish the story for them”……

How hard would it have been for the director, producer, whomever, to just put wedding bands on their characters and at least finish the movie with some semblance of moral fiber?

This movie is clever. They placed a horrendous amount of immorality in a pretty box and packaged it up with hilarity, sexual innuendos and sarcasm. Next time…I’ll be walking out and getting a refund!

Have you seen the movie? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

Thanks for reading!

{ Happy Thanksgiving…Blogger’s Family Insight }

I hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family! I thought I would at least take a day off of blogging and start back tomorrow, but my family has just broken-out the X-box 360 and the “Rock Band” game, and that’s my cue to check out…well find something else to do that is. I’m not a big video game person, other then tetris and the occasional solitaire on the computer. Although my husband seems to be quite the drummer, and my sister’s a pretty good singer. And this rock band game seems to have woken up my little brother who has been sleeping in the living room since right after dinner. We’ll see how long my Dad can sleep with all of this racket!!!!! My other little brother is playing one guitar, I’m not Rock Band savvy enough to know which guitar it is, but we have a little snafu with the other guitar…. sniff…sniff…..When my sisters went by my house to gather all of the video game accouterments, they somehow left one piece. So my Mom is frantically calling friends to find the piece we need. Apparently Walmart doesn’t open up quite early enough to help solve this video game crisis.

I should have known that my family would provide good fodder for my blog, as they always would if I had a personal blog, so of course they did, as soon as they all arrived. I’ve just been too into vacation mode to blog about it before now. My 2 brothers arrived Tuesday morning, my Aunt arrived Tuesday late evening, and my 2 sisters and their boyfriends rolled in here around 1am Wednesday morning. We all stayed up to greet them, my Mom broke out the food for a middle of the night feast, then it was on to desserts and banana bread, as we all migrated towards the kitchen and gathered around the table. Since we are all political and “up” on the issues (we like to think 🙂    … and we all were heavily involved in and volunteered for the YES on Proposition 8 campaign, the conversation took a quick turn to the topic of the same-sex marriage fiasco (that is still going on), and the havoc gay rights activists are wreaking on society and families. These are some of the point that were made during our discussion:

  1. Gay people are so quick to anger because they know they are doing something wrong, immoral and unnatural.
  2. They are very defensive.
  3. They say free speech isn’t about religion, yet they were really quick to target The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and other churches.
  4. Gay rights activists and same-sex marriage proponents have heavily targeted the LDS Church and it’s members, however, the Church actually has a very liberal take on gay people. They can attend Church, they are loved and cared for, they are welcomed, and they are to be treated with kindness. The LDS Church even offers counseling and group type services to help individuals overcome their homosexual tendencies. What the Church doesn’t condone is pre-martial sex (and obviously same-sex marriage), and that goes for everyone, gay and straight people. You can be gay, come to Church and participate, but you just can’t be a practicing homosexual.
  5. They say we (YES on Prop 8 supporters) have singled out homosexuals and taken away their right to marry, but they have singled out several YES on 8 contributors. We didn’t single anyone out, we were just exercising our political rights.
  6. They say they want to marry, but there are tons of homosexual couples who never had any interest in marrying before now (hence the bandwagon theory), and they didn’t rush off to get married last May when the Supreme Court said they could. Now that they have been out-voted they are mad.
  7. Elton John isn’t all up in arms about Prop 8 or his civil rights or his right to free speech, why can’t gay people just “get it” like he does.
  8. It’s time for the fence-sitters to make a choice. It’s time to have a voice and take a stand, either one side of the fence or the other. It’s time to pick one, and complacency is not an option! If you have morals and value traditional marriage and family, then you can’t be silent and unengaged. It’s time to participate and decide what is important to you.
  9. Dr. Laura is a huge advocate for children…..she is constantly talking to her listeners about how children need a Mother and a Father.
  10. Gays are trying to take over everything, churches, politics, public education, (and in my opinion have already taken over, the entertainment industry, TV and movies) ….disguised as a fight for civil liberties and free speech, and they don’t think the law applies to them in any way. In other words, they seem to be going around doing just as they please with out regard for anyone but themselves.
  11. Gay people are not the majority in this country.
  12. Satan wants to destroy the family. He’s targeting the traditional family unit and distorting the truth about what’s right and wrong, and also by pushing for same-sex marriage, he’s able to rob future children of the right to be raised with a married Father and Mother. Not only is it completely immoral, but studies have shown that it is a serious detriment to a child to be raised by homosexual parents.  The list goes on and on about the problems they will have if they are missing a parent of either gender. In a previous post I blogged about an article that gives 5 Reasons Why Same-sex Marriage Will Harm Children, or you can find the entire post here.
  13. We need to be so careful…we need to stand by our values, our convictions and always, always do what we know is right!
  14. We don’t have anything against gay people.
  15. They seem to have a lot of things against us.
  16. They seem to fuel each others anger and get people all fired up about something they never even cared about before.
I Love My Family!!!

I Love My Family!!!

On a more personal note, we have two gay people in our family, my Uncle and one of my cousins. We have been nothing but supportive, loving and kind to them over the years. We have had holidays together, gotten together for dinners, vacations, you name it. My cousin is another sad story that I may post about at another time, but for now, we have always maintained a great relationship with my Uncle and kept that in-tact. He has a partner that he has been with for at least 10 years, they had a “commitment ceremony” years ago and some of my family and extended family attended.  He knows our values and beliefs and we know of his lifestyle choices, and we all acted like it was an agree to disagree situation, and therefore there was no need to talk about. His partner is really great and we always enjoy spending time with them. As many gay people are (a stereo-type I know, but a good one I think), they are very talented, well read, well-traveled, amazing cooks and super interesting to talk to…….but unfortunately, as of lately, my uncle has decided to create strain on the familial ties. Long story short, he was shocked and mad that we supported and voted for Proposition 8, knowing that he is gay……Because of our strong religious and moral beliefs, we can’t even believe that he acted surprised at our position on the same-sex marriage issue. I mean, we all knew which side he would be on, but we didn’t throw a fit because we’re straight and he didn’t vote with us in favor of Prop 8. We were and still are all completely stunned, and left with our mouths open, we really can’t believe this. All of these years, we never said anything negative, we welcomed his partner into our family (he’s a great guy, so why wouldn’t we?) and just assumed that since he knew our beliefs, that he knew we weren’t in agreement with or acceptance of his gay lifestyle….we have since come to the conclusion that we might have made a miscalculation on that one. We should have been more vocal about our position on his lifestyle, in a loving way, or at least brought it up…but then again, that’s a hard one, he knows our beliefs, we didn’t want strain in our family and we love him…. For some reason, he apparently thought that we would abandon our morals and values just because we have gay people in our family. Well, that was a miscalculation on our part. I say, let’s go back to the agree-to-disagree plan, there’s no need to be nasty or even discuss it. We don’t agree on Prop 8, or politics, which is why, as my Dad says, “we never discuss politics with them, because we know we don’t agree.” It’s ok not to agree, but it’s not ok to abandon your convictions and let someone railroad you. Our position is that we have always loved them, we have always been kind and respectful, we have always cherished our relationships with them, but that we support Traditional Marriage.

Sadly, this is such a difficult situation for families, and as we talked, we discussed how we are definitely not the only family in this situation. It’s not us that have now alienated him, it’s the other way around. Thankfully his partner is a little more level-headed and not quite so heated about his issue, so he has seemed to keep my uncle from flying totally off the handle. It’s bears considering that since my uncle has become so wrapped up in the election and Prop 8 drama, gay rights protests, etc., that he’s not thinking clearly, that he’s been sucked in my the gay rights mantra, and has somehow taken leave of all of the positive memories he has had with our family over the last 30 + years since he came out. I can only imagine what airs on Bay Area news stations and local newspapers.

This also game along with discussions about why my uncle is so angry now? He’s never once mentioned getting married, they didn’t rush to SF city hall to get married in May, and they never tried to adopt a baby…..It’s unfortunate that the alleged civil rights umbrella that gay rights activist seem to be thrashing around under, has such a negative effect on so many people, gay and straight……

Then we got off on the topic of guns and how gun sales and ammunition sales have sky-rocketed as of the election, and we need to do a little shopping……My family believes in and supports the Second Amendment too!

So I urge my readers….to be the voice of sanity and reason in their family and social circles. I hope you were able to articulate your favorable stance on traditional marriage at your Thanksgiving functions today.  When people go off on crazed tangents, or act nonchalant and uninterested about the issue of traditional marriage, speak up! Be strong and be heard!!!!! It is so important!

{ Update to the Supreme Court Battle Over Proposition 8 }

A Traditional Marriage...one man....one woman!

A Traditional Marriage...one man....one woman!

So we all know that the homosexual agenda is to indoctrinate everyone, and use the argument of civil rights as their so-called “get out of jail free card.” I don’t happen to think it works like this.

So get this…..here’s some good news presented by the NY Times for the Yes on 8 camp. They reported that one of the major challenges for the judges is the slim batch of case law on the topic. There is essentially no precedent on the issue and therefore, the Supreme Court Justices don’t have any previous ruling that will constrict their decision and force them to rule in favor of homosexual marriage. Essentially, they are free to set the precedent that other courts will then have to follow. If they are able, they can start fresh in their decisions, without being bound by previous rulings on same-sex marriage and constitutional amendments. They Court said they would rule on Proposition 8 next year. A huge challenge being the, “slim batch of case law on the topic.”

The CA Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments over same-sex marriage again in December, and some such 18,000 alleged marriages hang in the balance. “And the justices could lose out, too; some are already being threatened with being voted out of office if they rule Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.”

“This is the whole ballgame,” said Jesse Choper, a professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley. “They earn their salaries in having to decide these things.” They get paid to be fair and impartial in their ruling, all while taking into serious consideration, the will of the voters, the majority of Californians who want the definition of marriage to be defined at “only between a man and a woman.” Only these marriages would be “valid or recognized” in CA. Gay rights activists might look at this lack of legal precedent as a potential slam-dunk for them, however, I think it that it will prove to be a win for traditional marriage and upholding Proposition 8. There’s not much telling the Court that is has to rule in favor of gay marriage or the alleged lack of civil rights the gays constantly complain of.

“The California Supreme Court has never articulated criteria for what makes something an amendment versus a revision,” said Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of the law school at the University of California, Irvine. “So I don’t think you can predict anything because there is so little law.”

Good news for those of us who voted YES on Proposition 8: “Supporters of the ban say legal history is on their side. “Whenever an amendment or an initiative has been challenged, almost always the court rejects that and upholds the people’s initiative power,” said Andrew Pugno, a lawyer for backers of the proposition, citing past state bans on the use of race, sex or ethnicity in college admissions and caps on property taxes. “These are major policy changes that the court has recognized are fine,” he said.”

That is part of the main problem. As I see it, gay rights activists and same-sex marriage proponents are bent out of shape because the YES on 8 campaign used the proper legislative process, took the issue up with the voters, placed the question on the ballot, and let the citizens decide what they wanted in THEIR Consitution, as in a consitution that belongs to ALL of us Californians. Gay rights activists seem to act like OUR constution belongs to ONLY THEM. WRONG!!!!!!! They need to wake up and stop whining that they didn’t get themselves together enough to put their own initiative on the ballot, to define marriage as they wanted to. Now they will just have to be at the mercy of the court. Talk about sour grapes…….

There have been few efforts to overturn same-sex marriage amendments in other states, and as David Masci, a senior research fellow at the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life in Washington states, “so far non have been successful.”

Along with speculation of what will happen to the same-sex marriages that have already been performed, I wonder why, if this was ssssooooo important to homosexuals, didn’t more people run out and get married! I know gay couples who didn’t bother to do so. It’s almost like the some of them are fighting for something that they don’t really have any intention of using, but then again, many people know it’s not about marriage, it’s about their take-over of society and destruction of morality within it. I really hope the court doesn’t buy in to this mess. With all of the studies about the unhealthy relationships that occur between homosexual couples, it’s not likely many of them would even marry, or if they did, would stay married. Why clog up the courts with more divorce nonsense and more complicated custody battles?????

Source: NY Times- With Same-Sex Marriage, the Court Takes on the People’s Voice.

{ $$$$ Get Your Money Back $$$$ }

California Teachers Empowerment Network is a great resource for teachers to get info about the CTA and where their money is going. California teachers make up this non-partisian, non-political group who are “dedicated to providing teachers with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues.” President of the CTEN, Larry Sand, gives his opinion on the CTA and their extravagant expenditures in the name of political advocacy. He points out that, “It seems that the public has awakened to the fact that teachers unions donate millions of dollars of their members’ dues to issues that have nothing to with education on a regular basis.”

“According to teachers union watchdog Mike Antonucci, the CTA spent up to $5 million on five of this year’s 12 state ballot measures, none of which had anything to do with education.” We are all well aware of the $1million the CTA donated to the No on Prop 8 campaign, but this $5 million was news to me. And this was news to me…while CTA workers are deciding how to spend the teachers’ money, they are getting paid about twice as much as the salary of a starting teacher to do it.

Sand continues by saying, “What makes all this even more egregious is that these monies come from members’ dues. The CTA does not poll its members on how it spends its political money; nor does it care that many of its members are outraged by its spending habits, which run consistently to the left.”

If you are a CA teacher and this describes you, there are some pitiful excuses for redress, allowed by the State and the union. The CTEN website explains here, how teachers, although forced to join a union that barely focuses on teachers’ actual issues, have options. One is to apply for agency fee status. Under which, teachers can reclaim 30% of their annual dues, in the form of a rebate, or in other words, about $300 of the almost $1000 they are forced to pay in order to teach in CA. The filing deadline for this year was Nov. 15 (sorry for the late reporting) however, by filing now, teachers are still eligible for a prorated refund. CTEN does a great job of explaining union membership options on the page linked above. Another option is to opt out all together and direct your union dues to the charity organization of your choice, rather than giving the money to the CTA.

It is frustrating to many, that despite the measly refund, they still have to pay about $700 a year. Sand offers a little consolation to those who opt out of regular union membership, “they at least have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their dues are not going to support causes they are against. And there are other organizations they can join if they are concerned about any loss of protections typically offered by the union. Those of us who have differences with our union can reclaim a part of the money taken from us and spend it as we choose, perhaps in ways that are in line with our moral, ethical and political beliefs.”

Think about it teachers….how many times has the CTA, or your local union rep actually gone to bat for you or anyone you know? How many times have you been irritated at the CTA for some reason or another? In my Mom’s 15+ years of teaching, I’ve heard many times how the union never actually does anything productive for the teachers. There have been several “talks” about the union rep at the school, or some rep sitting in on a meeting or supposed to be helping with something, but seriously…..how many times do they actually do something that serves the best interests of the teachers…you know, the members of the union who pay their salaries? We’re definitely anti-union in my family and the CTA is usually at the top of our discussion list. I encourage the CA teachers to do some research and see what other info CTEN can provide you with.

Sand also submitted an opinion to the LA Times wherein he describes how for many, “union dues are simply taxation without representation.” I thought we got past that taxation thing a long time ago, but he makes a great point.

“All of us who object to what amounts to taxation without representation must speak up. Teachers who are happy with their union should have the right to continue that affiliation. However, the rest of us — especially those who live in states where we are forced to join a union — would be well served to take a hard look at the organization that claims to represent our best interests and start demanding change.”

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Click HERE….. to send email to our California government officials. We need to let them know that we think it is NOT a good idea for them to overturn the prop 8 vote. It’s really easy, just put in your zip code and then it lists all of your elected officials, and then you can select to send them an email. The email is already written for you, you’ll see it as you continue. So it’s way easy and fast! It only took me not even a minute to send the emails. Make sure to use your correct contact info. It is extremely important that we let the people who are supposed to be representing us know how we feel. They don’t just represent themselves or gay people and we need to remind them of that. Make your voice heard. Send a link to this post to your friends and family so they can send email too!

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Do we still have to support individuals and businesses who contributed to the No on 8 campaign? It’s obvious that there is a great divide in our society where morality is concerned. Would we as supporters of traditional marriage be out of line to boycott, per se, what doesn’t fall in line with our values? Is silent, peaceful boycotting ok? I want to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment below and tell us why or why not!

In my opinion, it IS definitely ok to not-do-business with, not-buy-products-from, not-care-what-they-say, not-watch-movies-of, etc. the No on 8 Supporters and contributors, individuals and/or companies. I don’t necessarily think of it as boycotting, but more of a personal choice not to associate with destructive people. Dr. Laura says we aren’t obligated to associate with destructive people. Wouldn’t the No on 8 companies and individuals qualify? They have definitely been destructive, and continue to be so. Destructive to our society, morality, families, schools, marriages, politics, legal processes, voting procedures, parental rights…and the list could go on and on. We think it’s hateful that the No camp protested in front of an ice cream parlor, parked a suburban with nasty messages written in the window, in front of the home of a family who supported Prop 8, and barged into a church service shouting and throwing fliers, but is it fair if we do the same thing? Not that we would, but in theory of course, because I’m not going to march in front of the home of some no on 8 supporter, but who knows, perhaps the time will come for us to march if we need to….but I guess I’m talking about us, supporters of traditional marriage, in more of a peaceful way. The slogan describing U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, “Speak softly and carry a big stick” came to mind as I was writing this post. 

Of course we don’t have the actual US military to fight this battle for traditional marriage for us, but we do have each other, and the DNA and every one else who is concerned and involved. The term comes from a West African proverb, which Roosevelt used to described his style of foreign policy as “the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis.” That kind of describes the Yes on 8 team as we rallied together as soon as word broke that the Supreme Court had granted homosexuals the right to marry. We were kind, and polite, but used the law and the political process to accomplish our agenda. If you ask me, this quote states the exact opposite of what the gay-rights activists and same-sex marriage proponents who have recently surfaced in opposition to the passage of Proposition 8 did. We don’t scream, intimidate, belittle, harass, march, stalk, vandalize, and make the news with our protests like they do, but we still have a voice, we still have an army, and will go about our business trying to accomplish our agenda to protect traditional marriage. We don’t make a big nasty spectacle of ourselves, but we were ready when it came time for people to vote! The opposition didn’t have a clue about the campaign we ran and everything that we accomplished, until after the fact.

So, I don’t have to make a big deal out of my non-support for certain people and companies…I can just silently choose not to purchase, watch, endorse or support people who are trying to damage our society by helping to further the gay agenda’s indoctrination process. That will mean, no to the MAC computer I kept telling my husband I wanted. Apple, Google, Yahoo, Levis Straus & Co., PG&E, many many celebrities and some Silicon Valley Leaders were all opposed to Proposition 8, just to name a few. I don’t wear Levi’s I don’t have PG&E as my electric company, but there are a lot of future movies that I won’t be seeing………

As a little disclaimer, on account of the fact that Google sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising space to the YES on 8 campaign to advertise the day before the election, I will for now keep my gmail and picasa accounts!!! I don’t mind using google and their little nifty gadgets to further the fight for traditional marriage.

Let us know what you think about the boycott issue!

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