{ So, it looks like the Hayward Elementary School finally decided to send the parents a letter….}

……You will be disgusted at what it said though. There aren’t words to describe how insane this letter is. Read it here and decide for yourself. Let’s just say that we have 2004 Senator Shila Kuehl and as always, CA affiliates of the ACLU and Planned Parenthood to thank for SB71 otherwise known as the California Comprehensive Sex Education Law. Aren’t these two groups always involved in some sort of sandal or another.

It appears that this law is making schools promote all aspects of sex, except what is should be teaching and promoting….ABSTINENCE!!!!! These people have got to be kidding….check this part out:

“SB71 requires that instruction and materials shall teach respect for all committed relationships, as well as marriage, and it removes all reference to ‘abstinence until marriage,’ to reflect that, if today’s laws remain the same, not all students will have the opportunity to marry their chosen life partner.”

So basically they are saying that since an incredibly small percentage of students might just happen to choose the gay lifestyle, then we should tell all students that indiscriminate sex is ok. Committed relationships and marriage are NOT the same thing. Again, CA schools are trying to devalue marriage and the importance of children having a father and a mother. The letter goes on to describe more of the garbage that is SB71 and how parents will not be notified and how they can not remove their children from instruction. Wow, this stuff has got to be in the definition of insanity somewhere. Read this letter, but don’t do it after lunch……then let’s start campaigning for the voucher system and researching what private school our children will be attending. I guess the private school thing is one of the only things that liberal Hollywood gets right….they send their kids to private school.


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