{ Some rights stripped by the gay agenda: RELIGIOUS RIGHTS }

Catholic Charities was forced out of the adoption business for the first time in 100 years because it will not place children with a homosexual couple. Read this article for details.

In Ocean Grove, New Jersey, a Methodist group was stripped of part of its state real estate tax exemption for refusing to permit a civil union ceremony at the beachfront pavilion it owns. You can read the entire article here.

In Canada, A Catholic Priest is under criminal investigation under a “hate crimes” law for quoting from Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church of the Catholic Church, and Pope John Paul II’s encyclicals during Canada’s same-sex debate. This getting scary. How is it that the opposition doesn’t figure that religious rights are and would be violated if Prop 8 doesn’t pass.

A Lutheran school in Riverside county has been sued for expelling two allegedly lesbian students. A private and religious school can’t operate according to their values and religious beliefs with out having their rights infringed on. Read on here for details.


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