{ Some rights stripped by the gay agenda: EDUCATION and PARENTS RIGHTS }

If same-sex marriage remains legal, California schools that accept state money for their health curriculum and that choose to teach sex education (e.g. 96% of public schools) will be required by law to present same-sex unions and traditional marriages as equal, whether their parents approve of this message or not. This is not a red herring as some in the “No on 8” Campaign have claimed. The erosion of parental rights on this topic has already happened in both California and Massachusetts. (Massachusetts was the first state in the union to legalize same-sex marriage).

Alarmingly, some first-grade students here in California are already being introduced to the concept of same-sex marriage. Just recently, first graders at a public charter school went on a field trip to a
same-sex marriage performed by San Francisco’s mayor. Check out this video.

The California Teachers Association has taken an activist stand against traditional marriage by recently donating over $1.25 million to the “No on Prop 8” campaign. This financial endorsement implies an agenda among educational leaders that is inconsistent with their primary responsibilities. I love this guy’s video. He makes really great points.


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