{ Marriage is not a fundamental Right }

Reading through some of the comments to youtube videos, it seems pretty clear that a lot of the No on 8 supporters don’t really understand the fundamentals of this proposed constitutional ammendment. It does not take away any rights or privledges of same-sex couples. They can continue  visitng each other in the hospital and tagging along on their domestic partner’s insurance policy. They seem to think that this issue is about civil rights, but it’s not. Gay people, couples, whatever, can be together if they want to. No one is stopping them.  What we don’t want them to do is infringe on the rights of everyone else, parents, religions, children. Marriage is between a man and a woman, it has always been that way. Gay people should not be allowed to have their relationships defined as “marriage.” That is and has always been a sacred institution reserved for a man and a woman.

I have talked about this with my family and I think what bothers me the most, other then the fact that morality and our society are swiftly declining, is the fact that gay people and their gang of activists and supporters, are so admant about convincing everyone that homosexuality is ok. Its not enough that they can go about their business in private, no…they have to drag everything out and display it on their front porch, and then harass everyone else into agreeing with them,  and steal our Yes on Prop 8 signs, and even then that’s not enough, they want everyone else to then promote immorality, declining values, and the gay/lesiban lifestyle as if it’s ok, normal, and accepted by everyone.  Well it’s not accepted by everyone, and its time they realized that NO, everyone won’t tolerate it.

On a personal note…. my uncle is gay, and he has a domestic partner. They have probably been together for almost 15 years, and several years ago they had a commitment ceremony. Not a wedding, a commitment ceremony. Now, my uncle knows that we don’t support him being gay or his lifestyle and we don’t agree with his choice, but we love him and we want our family to remain in tact, so we have always remained close. I was away at college but a lot of my family did attend their ceremony. Not because they supported the ceremony, but because we love my uncle. We also love his partner, and enjoy spending time with them. My uncle and his partner are happy with their commitment.  They haven’t marched down to SF’s court house to get married, they aren’t ripping down “No on Prop 8” signs, they aren’t campaigning to be allowed to adopt a child, they aren’t promoting that same-sex marriage be taught in public schools, they aren’t complaining about their fundamental rights being taken away. In fact, my uncle has a long-time friend who went to rehab for an alcohol addiction, and so my uncle and his partner took in the friend’s daughter and they have pretty much helped raise her off and on all her life. They have obviously accepted the fact that since they are a same-sex couple they would not have children of their own. I think that even though they are gay, they know that children deserve to have a married father and mother, and so they been happy with other opportunities to parent, with out adopting a child. They are just living their lives, enjoying their freedoms and minding their own business. They know that not everyone agrees and accepts their lifestyle so they aren’t out shoving it in people’s faces. I don’t agree with their lifestyle choices, but I do respect their free agency, and I respect the way they handle themselves by respecting other people. It would be nice if all No on 8 supporters respected that marriage as only between a man and a woman is how marriage has always been. They need to respect the rights of parents to teach their children according to their values. They need to stop pretending that this is a fundamental rights issue and recognize that there are however, a lot of rights at stake in this fight. Personal, religious and otherwise. I guess that because I have seen the way that my uncle and his partner conduct themselves and their lives, I am embarrassed for all of the people who don’t have that same restraint. Its almost as if many of the gay people aren’t comfortable with themselves or their lifestyles, so they spend their time trying to convince everyone else that they are ok, rather then just going on about their business privately.

I am well aware that the fight for the preservation of our Consitiutional rights will be an ongoing battle. I hope everyone is ready to stand up for their beliefs, fight for their convictions and keep fighting…

Thanks for reading, I’m need to start figuring out how I’m going to get into Law School. I didn’t get an A in Constitutional Law for nothing, so I better keep working….I want to be on the team of people who defend the Constitution!


One thought on “{ Marriage is not a fundamental Right }

  1. Our grass roots effort was awesome! I miss it. The thing that bugs me most about this whole gay uprising is the targeting of people like us, from the grass roots.

    I heard that gay activists are using donor lists to target individuals who donated to prop 8. I thought it was just sour grapes at the time, but this morning it turned into something much more than that.

    This guy already lost his job this morning. We have to stand up and help support these people who are being persecuted for their personal beliefs in their employment. People need to know what’s going on.

    Who is next? Where is the image of love and tolerance now?


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