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So last night I wrote a quick email to the president of the CTA, somebody Sanchez I think his name was. I just asked him why he thought it was a good idea to choose for all CA teachers, how their dues money would be spent. And I pointed out to him that not all teachers are against prop 8. It’s not his job to decide which causes the CTA will get involved in and which side of the cause his union dues will go to. Its totally unacceptable. Thankfully the teachers who are in favor of Prop 8 can get their dues refunded. I still need to research how to do that, for my Mom, who is a CA teacher and completely outraged that she is forced to join the union, and then watch her dues money be used for negative prop 8 campaigns. The president of the CTA really couldn’t find anything else to do with $1 million of California teachers’ money?


2 thoughts on “{ CTA }

  1. My good friend Rita is a middle school science teacher. She and I were talking today and she said that several teachers at her school made arrangements to have the political parts of their union dues sent somewhere else. I’m not sure the specifics of how that works, but she said they could do it without quitting the union and jeopardizing their jobs. Anyway, at least one of the teachers who took this action is actually a no on 8 voter who is livid because when they took votes during an internal union meeting, the teachers overwhelmingly decided that they needed to focus union funds on smaller class sizes because of budget woes and all of that. Then to have the union turn around and pull this, she was spitting nails mad. So, anyway, that’s the report from Rita.


  2. Update—So David Sanchez actually wrote Rita back! He said it wasn’t his call to make, that the board made the call to spend the million plus on gay marriage. So. There you go. They ignored the teachers, and they went with the higher ups.

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