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Today I’m visiting some blogs of other “yes on 8” supporters. I just thought I would share and post links in case you want to check them out also.

This blogger talks a lot about tolerance! This blogger has a post on tolerance as well. Check them out. We all have the right to voice our opinions and fight for our beliefs. However, we can and should do it with kindness, but that doesn’t mean that we have to accept views and opinions that contradict our values. I’m proud to be part of the “yes on 8” campaign and a group of people who are fighting for their beliefs and their values, and doing it all with kindness.

Beetle Bloger offers a prop 8 cliffs notes for kids here I think its extremely important to get children involved in the democratic process and lead by example. Show your children what it’s like to fight for what you believe in, to stand up for your values and protect your family, even though there is opposition out there. When I was younger, I remember my parents reading over the ballot measures and talking about who they would vote for and why. This is our country, this is our time and we must stand up and fight!

I love this blog. It has great ideas and info. I second the comments about putting signs on corners if you live in an apartment/condo and don’t have a yard for a sign of your own. My family even broke down and put bumper stickers on their cars for the first time ever! Also, make a t-shirt if you can’t buy one, and wear it everywhere. You can hit up your local craft store and get iron on letters or fabric paint! Just get the word out to vote YES ON PROP 8!

This is a great blog too! He talks in one post about the fact that children in public schools will be taught that same-sex marriage is just as good as traditional marriage. It is so scary that bureaucrats and activist judges have power over curriculum in our children’s public schools. I am a valueshuge fan and listener of Dr. Laura. I heard her talk years ago about the trash that government requires public school teachers to teach. I decided then that my kids would go to private school just as Dr. Laura suggests. I want my future children to receive education that is in line with my moral and religious beliefs. I believe that c hildren deserve and were meant to have both a married Father and a Mother. They should never be taught otherwise, but unfortunately, that’s what will happen if prop 8 doesn’t pass.


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